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i don't sleep very much on weekends.

on friday i had work all day then i went to hang out with the drug dealer i mentioned in a previous post and he's nice.

then i went to a rave and went through all sorts of adventures
i took long walks in the woods and got lost

then i went back home and played video games, slept a bit, then had dinner with the family and slept more.

yesterday i drank a lot of gin and i accidentally drank mdma-water
i danced a lot and my drug dealer boy was there and he rubbed my back

then we went back to his apartment & we watched boondocks and the matrix and smoked cigarettes on the balcony & lied down on the ground all night & we kissed & he told me lots of things

then in the morning we had breakfast and i'm home now and i haven't slept yet.

it felt special though somehow & surreal
like i was living someone else's life.
i don't think i've ever seen anyone so happy to be with me on a balcony at 6 in the morning smoking cigarettes

i think he may just be very lonely and i can't trust him and i don't want to like him.


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I don't know how...

...you squeezed so much in a single weekend! Or... was that someone else?

"& he told me lots of things" Maybe we'd be interested?

Hope you're pleased with university life...


Since PMs are no longer being received ... should I just delete those unread from 3 months ago? :(

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I'm keeping my journals

I'm keeping my journals factual for now... I slept maybe 10 hours over the course of the whole weekend.

He told me about his past and things like that which aren't mine to share... when you're spending 8+ hours awake with someone there's lots of time to talk so it's difficult for me to really cover everything.

I'm not really involved with school since I am only here two days a week. I just go to my classes and take notes to get good grades. I don't know very many people at school and I'm bad at making friends.

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3 unread PMs from last June...

deleted 11 September 2012.

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i still have access to them

i still have access to them i haven't opened my inbox here on oasis

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....I had suspicions that it might actually work that way: a couple years ago I wrote a PM which after hitting "send," I thought, "OMG... I really wish I hadn't said that" (nothing truly bad... it was just lacking in tact). I went through the "delete" and "edit" process... but both PMs were received (with no negative repercussions... I think) --- despite the original no longer appearing in my "sent" file!

So... it seems that Oasis PMs are just like emails: once they're gone, they really are! :(

Anyway... there was nothing salacious in the PMs... just items I truly thought you'd find interesting...

I erased them "for me": Although my inference may be totally erroneous when I see multiple PMs remain unopened for so long... I think you'd feel similarly! :(

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I tried gin once,

It tasted too much like perfume to me. MDMA water? Are you sure someone didn't intentionally try to spike that water? It's no wonder things felt surreal. I've never actully taken MDMA, so I'm not sure what effects it has, other than what I've heard. Be careful babe.

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The gin was really good. No

The gin was really good.

No one intentionally spiked it - I drank out of the wrong bottle...

MDMA makes your brain produce a massive amount of serotonin, leading to general euphoria and ease of communication. There was likely also speed in there which caused me not to sleep, since MDMA usually makes me crash really hard.

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Yeah, just concerned.