Apparently I did something right this week.

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Remember when I was having good luck? It came back, I think. I've had a freakin' amazing past couple of days, minus the incident in which I found out I might be kinda claustrophobic... That was not fun. But a teacher I don't particularly like had somewhere to go so we didn't have to deal with her for a day, I did not have to take my sister to school all week so I got my extra hour of sleep every day, and a quiz in my least favorite class got cancelled.

But that's even not the real awesomeness here. The real awesomeness? Two words: HOT GIRLS. After this school meeting thing earlier this week, I got to go out to dinner with one. Yep. Except, of course, it wasn't a date (Can't be that lucky yet!) and other people were there too, haha. But hey, I'll take it! That is definitely not something that usually happens to me. 

And oh my god, it gets even better. Soooo much better. Okay, so, um, I got hot girl ass on me! Haha, sadly it was just for a picture, but it still happened, and it was still awesome. Thursday, we took lots of pictures, including a bunch of different group pictures, and in one of the 4839743974 group pictures, that hot girl jumped into the picture last minute and ended up bending down a little in front of me and started... um... legit pressing her ass on me... I really hope no one snapped the picture while I still had the initial complete shock on my face! That is also definitely not something that usually happens to me. It was almost like a religious experience.

So, in other news, I'm about to finish my first college application. It's due November 1. It's such a weird thing to think about. But yeah, as soon as I finish up my essay and send my transcript, it will be done. Everything should be ready next week. (Also, I found out that someone I'd rather avoid is applying to one of my schools! Ugh! Oh well, maybe we won't ever cross paths.) And then I have to move on to the next one. Why can't I just show up at college and be all like, "I'm awesome. It is an honor to have me at your school," and they would just accept it?

I'm really glad I'm getting out of here. I've wanted to for years, and it's finally almost time. Hopefully the 21st century will reach this part of the country some time in the next 50 years or so, so maybe kids in the future who have the misfortune of living here won't have to feel so bad. But I really don't want anyone to be forced to live around here against their will, though. Ugh. It's nearly insufferable. I know there is nothing I can do about it, but I honestly almost secretly kind of wish they'd ban people from raising kids in such a shit place. My mom likes to refer to our time here as if it were a prison sentence or something, haha. But soon this place will be little more than a bad memory.

I've started to tell people now that I'm going away. At first, I only wanted my friend who's also going far away to know, but now I tell everyone. And surprisingly, I haven't gotten any negative comments. Well, not to my face, anyway. Apparently, my friend who's being annoying sometimes lately has doubted my ability to get into these schools behind my back, even though there's only one I think I might not be good enough for, and it's not even my top choice. And then she also doubted the other friend's ability to get into the ones she wants. She also said I shouldn't move to the North because everyone is mean there. Um, like I've been treated SOOO well down here, right? She doesn't seem to understand that there will be douchebags anywhere you go. I am not dumb enough to think moving up there will magically make my life completely and utterly awesome all the time, but it will be better than anything I could ever hope to have down here. 

Besides her, though, everyone's been pretty much super positive. One of my friends has already started planning a massive shopping trip in which we will get me college stuff and clothes suited to the Northern climate since I've never really had winter clothes before. IG was one of the first people I told, and she was really sweet and supportive too. I've also basically told my entire English class, and they were either impressed or had no idea what I was even talking about. 

I'm sorry if this post is, like, weird, it's like almost 4 in the morning right now.


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Congratulations on the hot girls.

The words hot and girls look weird together. Sorry. :P

And claustrophobia. At least you don't have the fear I have. I'm afraid of anything I can't see. I always feel like something's going to come up from behind me and kill me. I get terrified of that, especially on school mornings when I wake up early (I don't know why it's so bad then). Someone at school called that Slendermanphobia. I'd much rather be claustrophobic. Lucky. (Oh, and I think I'm a bit agoraphobic, and I'm sometimes afraid of strangers when I think everybody's going to kill me, so yeah, I'm pretty paranoid). I digressed so much here. . . .

Good luck on college. Looking for a college sounds a lot like looking for a record label. The way the big ones are harder to get into, and the small ones aren't really important.

Well this was a pretty shitty comment. Better than nothing, I guess?

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On claustrophobia...

...nothing can compete with the steep passageway to the central burial chamber within the Great Pyramid of Giza: You have no idea how much further you have to go; it's dark; someone is likely behind you; it's all single file; and you can't turn around... you're obliged to go all the way before any opportunity to retreat!

That's claustrophobia!

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More like agoraphobia.

Claustrophobia would be if you're alone in a small place.

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You're so right!

I'm beginning to think Oasis may have another teen scholar!

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Haha, thanks! Wow, that

Haha, thanks!

Wow, that sounds awful. I would hate to have that. :( 

All of the schools I really want to go to are medium-sized to fairly large, but there are some pretty good small ones too, so I don't know if it's necessarily based on that. Looking for schools I wanted to apply to was a horribly annoying process, though. And applications are nerve-wracking. 

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Sounds like,

you had a good week. The most important piece of clothing in colder climates is a good jacket. A ski type jacket. They look good, shed snow, and you can usually wear layers underneath, should it get real cold.
Best to keep the feet warm and dry too.

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I'll definitely have to

I'll definitely have to remember that!

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I'm from Upstate New York..

I'm from Upstate New York.. It doesn't get much more "North" than here! But really, no one is meaner here than anywhere else. Most (not all) schools are really liberal. Hell, I go to a Jesuit college and it's still really great. We have an active gay club and everything! It doesn't get much gayer than me on my campus, and I have friends from every area. It's just a matter of putting in the effort to talk to people and present yourself. Ya know?

In regards to the weather: If you do end up somewhere north, some boots are a great idea. Also, tall socks. And like Bose said, a jacket. I have a Columbia ski jacket that works wonders. And most definitely at least one set of gloves/mittens.

Winter is long. Especially when you have to walk to class during it. Luckily winter break takes out about a month of it!

Good luck with all of your college stuff!

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Be very thankful!

Unique within the faith, the Jesuits (singularly) have not abandoned all science!

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I think she believes people

I think she believes people there are mean because there's a stereotype here that everyone up there is mean. But believing every person in the entire North is super mean is like believing every person in the entire South is an inbred redneck.

Thanks! I'm definitely going to need good luck, haha.

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Ahh I see. Well, it's not

Ahh I see. Well, it's not generally like that. It's just the occasional person that isn't very nice, but they're easily deflated.

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It does get more "north".

I lived in Alaska for five years. Except that's a shitload more conservative than New York.

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You must have been just a "tadpole" when in Germany?

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I lived in Germany until I was 2.

Then five years in England, and five years in Alaska. Based on the trend, I'll probably be in Maryland for another two or so. Texas will most likely be next, if anywhere. Fuck, if I'm right...
California and Nevada will probably be almost as likely, though.

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I was talking about the

I was talking about the stereotype about people in the north in the part of the US that most people are talking about when they say people in the north are mean. Hence the quotes.

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I thought the stereotype was that they're friendly.

What about Canada?

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Most people I've talked to

Most people I've talked to have heard that they're mean because they think everyone is involved in themselves in the city, and they immediately think everyone from New York is from the city. I couldn't tell you about Canada, though.

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The hot girl's ass pressing

The hot girl's ass pressing against you was almost like a religious experience.. that cracked me (ha, crack) .. but seriously, very relatable. Just wait til you get a face full of hot girl cleavage. I swear, you'll be writing hymns.

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