Are you embarrassed by the BSofA? Disgusted, maybe?

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Almost-Eagle Scout denied award because he is gay

I, for one, am quite sad at how a once-admired organization has now been taken over by radicals dispensing such a hateful position!

Here's a petition you might consider signing:


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I seem to remember the BSA' policy change, regarding homosexuals within their ranks, was initially directed at the leadership. For example, troop leaders and such. This, of course, was a knee-jerk reaction related to cases of sexual abuse committed by Pedophiles, not gay people. Or, is ignorance so inherent within this organization and the populace, these people are trying to equate being gay with pedophilia?
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but this just makes me angry!
This kid worked his ass off to reach the highest honor available to every scout who obtains the proper badges and completes what is asked of him. Ryan paid his dues and deserves to be a eagle scout.
The community project this boy completed had to do with tolerance and the fight against bullying of any kind. His troop leader(Moron) then has the audacity to deny him the honor based on Ryan's honesty. Not to mention, he was also a victim of discrimination because of this. OH! The Irony!
If the BSA is insinuating a 'Don't ask, Don't tell' policy, what message is this sending? Honesty is supposedly one of the core attributes of being a scout, especially an eagle scout or am I just completely off-base?

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It is a private group, so they can make any rules they want. It will likely change as most of their corporate funding is drying up as a result, since most Fortune 500 Companies have anti-discrimination policies, which extend to donations.

I know when I came out at work in the mid-90s at my daily newspaper, they were about to have a Scout group come in weekly to learn about journalism, etc., and I actually came out to most of the company's executives by attending the meeting, and objecting to the group attending on the ground that we had an anti-discrimination policy, etc., and the group wasn't allowed to attend. So, not a new fight.

I've heard the Mor(m)ons are getting heavily involved in the Scout leadership, so that might be playing more of a role.

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they're not just involved

they've basically bought the whole thing.

"It's a helluva start, knowing what makes you happy."
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They're technically a private organization

but of course, they often get to use public land and buildings for drastically reduced prices, meaning public money is going to a discriminating organization.

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The Boy Scouts are the

The Boy Scouts are the official youth group for boys in the Mormon Church, which should explain why they are so deeply involved.


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>Well, that would explain the loyalty to God thing being enforced.
>>But, who's to say this kid isn't a regular at church? I didn't read anything to the contrary about him not being a 'good' Christian.
>>I know they can make their own rules, but he completed everything asked of him. His 'Loyalty' to God seems to be an assumption of those in charge based solely on his identity. If his troop leader knew the kid was gay, he should have told him he likely wouldn't be able to earn the honor before he wasted his time trying, no?
>>I was never a scout either, always preferred doing my own thing with regard to experiencing nature,camping, and basic survival.

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"Are you embarrassed by the BSofA? Disgusted, maybe?"

you have no idea.

"It's a helluva start, knowing what makes you happy."
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You know...

I think I do! :)

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Indifferent, actually.

It's none of my business, so I naturally don't give a fuck. Just my opinion, please don't get offended.

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Nope... not offended!

Just embarrassed as the subject line suggests...

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I think we should make a private organization like the Boy scouts but for gay boys or those questioning. They'd be taught morals, ethics, basically what the BSA do without any bigotry and hate. Call it the Other Boy Scouts.

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I don't know about me, but when I was questioning, I definitely didn't want to tell people and join an organization for it.

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good point

most questioning kids really don't want anyone else to know. oh, and maybe it should be for all queer kids, kind of a Queer Scouts if you will. 'cause it's pretty hard for lesbian moms and scouts to get accepted into the BSA too

"It's a helluva start, knowing what makes you happy."
--Lucille Ball

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Well no shit!

There's a reason it's called the Boy Scouts of America.

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Are you serious?

I hope this was just a "probing" response! :)

Separating gays and "others" into separate groups for any other than completely social reasons is a terrible idea.

It may sound appealing... but it would only reinforce and exacerbate the "us" and "them" view currently held by many of society's segments.

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If you really want to do something about it, here's what you do:

you create a radical terrorist organization. Then you put a nuclear bomb in the Texas Federal Reserve (because the Boy Scouts headquarters is in Texas). Threaten to destroy (or severely damage) the state's monetary system unless the Boy Scouts accept gay members.
This is the most effective option, but I know you're going to be too lazy to do anything about this issue, because that's the way people are.