Being an uncoordinated idiot occasionally has its positives.

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Long time no post, eh, Oasis? The past week or so has been pretty good to me, even though this week sucks because I have something huge due in every class except for calculus. (Funny thing about calculus, you know. I think maybe I like it! In calculus, I'm surrounded by my friends and some cute girls, and I made A- on the last two tests! I haven't made two consecutive A's on math tests since elementary school!)

Sometimes you just have to enjoy the little things, like meeting up with an old friend you haven't seen in over a year, or the feeling of accomplishment you get when you turn in your first college application before the deadline, or the fact that you totally stuck your face in a cute girl's boobs at the Halloween party. Yeah, I'm pretty proud of that last one, even though it wasn't exactly intentional. The story, which I'll get to in a minute, is a little less awesome in context, but hey, I'll take it!

Oh, and it's my birthday very, very soon! And it's not just ANY birthday, either. It's my 18th birthday. You guys, I'm about to be a legal adult. Like, where does the time go!? I still remember my 6th birthday party. It was awesome, even though it rained and we had to have it inside. It was Pokemon-themed, bitches! YEAH! I got a Nintendo 64, and it was fantastic. I still play my Nintendo 64. Nintendo 64s are still fantastic, whether you are 6 or 18.

I get to have a birthday party again this year, sort of! Some of my friends also have birthdays soon, so we're having kind of a group thing. It's not really a party, I guess, but it's, um, a social outing!

I suppose I've had an interesting social life lately. As I mentioned earlier, there was a Halloween party recently. Though the party itself was fairly mundane, I kind of, um, accidentally ended up with my face in this one chick's boobs, which was a glorious experience. It was the hot girl from my previous post... the one who pressed her ass against me, haha. We got paired together in some ridiculous game, and I'm kinda clumsy, so one little mishap and I tried to catch the stuff, but instead failed and my face ended up like an inch from her boobs. It's kind of hard to describe, really. It's more of a "you had to be there" kinda thing. But yes, for a few glorious seconds, all I could see was boobs. Everything was boobs. And not just any boobs, but hot girl boobs. It was a legit accident, but it was SO AWESOME. I apologized to her, and she said it wasn't a problem and that she would rather it be me than this one creepy dude, so I think it's okay to brag about how crazy awesome my clumsiness can be! "Sorry I put my face in your boobs" isn't something I ever thought I'd be saying to her, haha!

Oh, AND she was looking extra hot that night. So, you know, after that, I just kinda had to sit down for a moment and process what the fuck had just happened. But earlier that night, when she came up to me and some other friends, I said, "Oh, you look really... good..." because I'm a total genius and all. I hadn't meant to say anything at all, but I just started blurting it out anyway, to my horror. I almost said "hot" until I caught myself and replaced it with "good." (In retrospect, that was probably not much better.) I'm an idiot, and hot girls REALLY bring out the idiot in me, okay? I say some of the dumbest shit to them.

Wow, I really didn't have time to type all this stuff... But how could I not share that while it's still relatively fresh in my mind?!


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You could have told her,

she's hot, it's all in how you say it, I guess. I hear girls saying shit like that all the time, I don't think she would have cared. Obviously, she didn't mind the booby face plant! Glad you had fun anyway.

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But I'm pretty sure this

But I'm pretty sure this girl is aware of my orientation, so I didn't want to make her feel weird by calling her hot... I know it's "okay" for straight girls to call each other hot, but I didn't know if it was "okay" for me to call a straight girl hot. (Athough this is the girl who pressed her ass on me and didn't get mad when I accidentally stuck my face in her boobs... I wouldn't think she'd be THAT afraid of a gay girl calling her hot.) Honestly, I wasn't really thinking, haha. I mean, hot girls turn me into an idiot!

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Oh, I wasn't aware

of that. Still, it should be pretty flattering to hear.

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I wouldn't mind having my face in a hot rack. I'm a pretty gay individual, but a good rack is always a good time! Lol

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Indeed it is, haha. TOTALLY

Indeed it is, haha. TOTALLY worth embarrassing myself in public! :P