birthday haul

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...a pretty good one, actually. At last count here is my inventory for the year:
1 mini fridge, drinks included
--Mom & Dad
1 super cushy bathroom rug
1 colorchanging Sonic Screwdriver pen (green & black)
1 Van Gogh exploding TARDIS tee
1 Doctor Who noisemaking backpack clip
Fuzzy PJ set w/ socks
1 peacock-colored flashlight
2 books (The Playwrite's Workout & Fly Trap, a sequel to my favorite children's book)
2 giftcards ($50 A&F; $100 F21)
--Nanna & Papa Jim (grandparents); Mom & Dad
1 check ($50)
--Gma & Gpa W.
Cupcake necklace & jewelry box set
1 coin purse
--DL (my best friend)
Assorted earrings & candy
Hunger Games special edition w/ 2 discs of special features
Assorted cards (FB & paper)
A rousing rendition of opera-style Happy Birthday
--the cast of Clara & the Nutcracker
Pretty cool, right?


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Not just cool...

But... scientifically remarkable! Particularly so seeing that you're obliged to wait yet another 38 years just to be born! :)

Nevertheless: Happy Birthday!

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Why thank you

the future wasn't that fun so I decided to come back here. You'll never guess what happens in 2056!

The ducks will get you!

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I already know what happens.

Oil runs out, the Middle East goes into chaos and becomes complete anarchy, and the world will be forced to completely end all oil usage.

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Can't really tell...

Is this your optimistic or pessimistic view of the future?

What will be the disposition/consequences of the (presumed to be vast) recently-discovered reserves of natural gas that's becoming available through fracking?

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We'll be fine.

The Middle East won't.

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Uh... You're quite welcome!

But... stopping off at 2050 still hasn't brought you all the way home! :)

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Happy birthday, sweetie. hope you had fun *hug*

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TARDIS salt and pepper shakers?

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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unfortunately not

but I have enough nerdy dishes :)

The ducks will get you!