Cranberry Flesh

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*about a girl this time :)*

You were singing karaoke against
the mechanical stars that peeked
out of the see-through sky above
the coffeehouse.
And I stood in a crowd of friends,
feeling awkward,
but nonetheless impressed
by your voice that sounded
like a bluebird on
a rainy Monday morning.

Girl, the brown daisy dress
you wore with sparrow leggings
did something to my sanity
because I went up to you
after the show and helped you
down from the stage
as people clapped,
clinking glasses of
frosted supernovas.
You smiled shyly,
making me feel very seventeen,
caught in a slightly tipsy waltz
with a quick-tempered cutie.

And clutching my hand,
you twirled your way
up to the rooftop of
an abandoned storage unit,
claiming that it was the best
place to watch the rhinestone
sunrise dip down into the river.

Andromeda was lost to us
that urban dawn but we still
invented names for planets
because we only had
synthetic dreams to
call our own back then.

Baby, you were such
a suburban doll sometimes,
telling me about how your
sister called you a freak and
how tragic it was because if
the roles were reversed,
you would've loved her,
despite the odd traits and clothes.

"The whole world is a giant grey area,"
You told me bravely.
"But folks still insist on believing in
the bleak black and white concept
of prejudice, honey."

Girl, I was attracted to you in ways
I didn't comprehend
or even try to, really,
just as long as our bodies lay
parallel and dew stained
the air with vanilla bean ruin.
You twisted your gingham
fingers in my tangled hair,
saying it reminded you of
the Native Americans who
had to abandon their
homes in order to survive.

And I thought you were
crazy for hiding your collarbone
under that heavy wool scarf
because it was the most
delicious part of your frame
that I had seen so far.
Reading "Annie on my Mind",
Honey, you defied all trends.

Yet, I thought I was too late when
you accepted a ride from someone else,
getting in his car as if you
were in some 1950s sitcom.
But when I confronted you about it,
you weren't interested
in that guy's sterile hospital
eyes and mediocre chatter.
But I hadn't offered anything,
so you'd taken the exit train.

And it was probably a strange
time to ask you to be mine
but I took a chance with
the deconstructed wish
in my childhood crystal
ball because I was
tired of feeling melancholy.

Peanut butter and jelly
stuck to the cracks in
the pavement of your
charming neighborhood
as we walked beneath
autumn's graceful touch.
Girl, you kept fumbling
with the tiny starfish
embedded in your left earlobe,
looking nervous as
we reached your front door.

Cranberry flesh and
candlelight over text books;
whatever happened
to the clumsy,
yet endearing
friendship that
had brought us together?
It slipped beneath nautical
bed sheets and melted into
an overwhelming metaphor
of east coast hunger and
warm hands exploring
sensual smokey bone.


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The ducks will get you!

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what ducks? lol

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it's a reference

to this crazy letter a girl sent to a paper saying that homosexuality would cause ducks to take over the world

The ducks will get you!

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umm..okay. I am at a loss as

umm..okay. I am at a loss as to what to say haha

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Very nice!

Your flair with prose is quite impressive. Was this a personal experience?

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No, I honestly don't like writing about personal experiences so everything is made up in my head :) Glad you enjoyed it!

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Even more impressive.

Love the sixth stanza. So true about so many.

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thank you! *hugs*

thank you! *hugs*

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Beautiful, as always. I am

Beautiful, as always. I am curious about you.

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really? aww! I'm curious

really? aww! I'm curious about you too, champ ;)