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So yeah, sister's irresponsible and annoying. What else is new? Seriously I'm already desensitized to her crap. Either way, bullcrap is bullcrap and studies helps me to divert my focus from the offputting and always emotion inducing situations in which nothing happens or resentment is exchanged. So again, what the fuck else is new?

Anyway, I was thinking of hanging with friends at a gay bar or going clubbing. I think that would be nice. Only problem is, only gay friend has this thing and might get infatuated with me and I have no other gay friends. And no car lol. So I suppose I'm destitute, a have-not as it were. Yeah, that's that I suppose.

I'll probably write a song about frustrations. I have a cool rhythem and I'll probably doodle up a bit of lyrical works. Not being pretentious, but I've not written in so long that I'm bursting with so many ideas and themes. I swear I will bust out some insane shit on my folk guitar and rock the night out to 21:00 if I wanted maybe.

And now I'm not sure where I'm going with that. Fuck it, I'm just a whiney 19 year old going on about frustrating things, perhaps this is where I introduce a tumbler. HAHA! I've still got my humor! Anyway, I have no idea if anyone even reads these angsty journals of mine, so please do shoot me a line just to let me know someone remembers me.


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Hey man,

You should definitely work out some songs. I read your last journal, but didn't have the chance to respond. So, you got your home back. That's always a good thing.

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turns out she wasn't moving out... But she's moving out on Wednesday, so that's better than nothing. :-)

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At least she's getting her own place, she definitely needs that! It must have been pretty hectic with three little ones running around.

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suppose you're right. But hectic doesn't even begin, and it's mostly because of my lazy sister's "parenting".