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I know people have dreams and fantasies about their futures. Comment about your dream boy/girl, your dream job, dream home, etc. Whatever you want your future to be like.
I want to live in a beautiful 2 story house with my wife. I want to adopt a baby girl and name her Angel Naveah. I'd have a dog, cat, pufferfish, and maybe a turtle. I'd have a pool in my backyard. I'd be a nurse or maybe a doctor. I want to get my mom a nice house and make sure she's close by. I'd take good care of her and make sure she got everything she wanted and needed. Of course I'd do the same for my future wife. I'd donate a whole bunch of money to CCFA and hopefully find a cure for that. My dream girl is definately everything in my girlfriend. A big heart, headstrong, beautiful, smart, funny. etc. That's my dream life. Oh and I'd retire and be happy and old ^.^

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You have everything planned

You have everything planned out pretty clearly. Just be prepared to confront any obstacles or changes in those plans. On a side note, does your mom know you're gay?

I'm going to a liberal arts college next year, where I will double major in psychology and creative writing. This will also be where I make awesome friends and live an awesome, independent, happy life, and where I shall meet my future wife. Once we graduate, I will find a career in the field of psychology while writing on the side. We will live in a modest home, not too big, in the country, with a husky and a German shepherd and about five cats. My books and poems will be published and I will be a bestselling beloved author. My wife and I will have a kid, whether adopted or through other means, and it will be a girl.

Of course plans for the future can never be set in stone, but that's my dream. And I'm not too sure about having a kid. I'd be pretty happy with my wife, my life in the beautiful, open country, and my writing.

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If you read my older posts, you will see. I have told my mom about me being gay but she does not believe me. You have a big future ahead of you. Two majors... wow. I couldn't do that. I am definately going to take any obstacles along the way. I won't let anything keep me from fulfilling my dreams. "If you can think it, you can achieve it." Or something -.- You sure like cats. I hope to read your work in the future :) -Jazzy<3

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I want to be a famous actress/screen writer & marry a supermodel. (or, as I tell those annoying adults who always ask, "I'm going to lead the revolution")
But honestly, what I want is to go to NYU, major in Helenic Studies, and become the curator at a major history museum specializing in ancient civilizations. It would have giant parallel rooms for each civilization, and you could walk through history--each room going back into the building would be a new era for the area of the world it was about. My perfect 1/2 would also do something academic, maybe teach. We would live in an apartment in the city & have a tiny cottage somewhere by the sea.

The ducks will get you!

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Your museum idea is actually

Your museum idea is actually really smart. I never understood history until this year in school. I hope to learn more. History is my weakest subject. I would love to see your museum some day. Good luck! -Jazzy<3