I went to a yardsale today.

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It was a pretty shitty yardsale, not much reason to be there longer than a few seconds to see that all they had was absolute garbage. But the thing is it was at a church. And I saw an Obama bumper sticker. That really restored some hope for humanity, that someone going to a church event prefers the slightly more liberal candidate.

Also, there's this picture going around on the shitty new /b/ rage threads (in which 4chan actually steals stuff from Facebook). It's just this picture of a really annoying asshole that everybody rages like fuck at. But for some reason, as much of a douche as he is, I just can't rage at it, because he's also pretty attractive. I might post a link if I get a request, but I'm really lazy right now. Pretty much all you have to do to find it is go on /b/, and it'll be on some front-page rage thread. And yes, I actually did think this was worth writing about. Fuck it, I'll just link now: http://static2.fjcdn.com/comments/quot+Playin+angry+birds+such+a+nerd+lo...

In other news, I got my school picture last month. And surprisingly it looks exactly the same as the one from last year. I haven't changed at all since then. The only difference was glasses.


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Uh... that link?

Am I mistaken... but isn't that sort of Bieberish"

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Bieber is cancer.

He really isn't close to my preference, but I guess it's just subconscious. I hate that guy, but I just don't rage at it as much as I would if it were, say, an "attractive" girl.

And I don't really hate Bieber, either. Probably because so many people hate him that I just have nothing but pity.

Heh. I remember a Justin Bieber thread on /hm/. I noped at that.

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You didn't answer the question: Isn't that portrayal Bieberish?

You don't have to JO to him... just answer the question!

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Not really.

Justin Bieber looks like he's not even a teenager yet. This guy looks more like he's around my age.

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You know...

this response suggests a certain amount of intentional disingenuousness!

I think you may actually find Bieber more than just a bit "useful!"

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What do you mean?

Are you actually endorsing slavery? Oh, my.

Or if it's your elph way of euphemising masturbation, I definitely prefer more masculine men than that. I'll see if I can find an example from my massive fap folder.

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No... please don't!

I have all that is required! :)


Hey... you actually "said" it!

I vividly recall my enlightenment while working after school in our small town library (years so long ago you can't begin to fathom): I came across a Parents magazine (probably from the mid 1940s) that contained an article entitled "The Word You Can't Say"

This is so indelibly implanted in my mind... that this has to be the exact title!

Oh... what a shocker! What I'd give to have a copy of that article!