In which I do not get a surprise party or a dog

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My dad took me on a ridiculously long walk toward my theatre the other day. We were going to go through the Stepford neighborhood, but instead he suddenly turned in a different direction and we just kept walking until I realized we were nearing the theatre. Suddenly I could feel my mind racing as I remembered the plans for a Hunger Games-themed Laser Tag party I had had to give up...and just as we were about to arrive at the birthday party of my dreams we veered off the path into the woods and got totally lost for 1/2 an hour.
Then today we had to make a late-night trip to Petco for some hamster fluff. When we arrived there was a tent with a bunch of homeless dogs outside the store, and I knew that I was going to bring one home.
Until my dad said I couldn't.
There has never been a better opportunity for them to surprise me. I'm depressed, I'm not having a party and I recently watched a hit-and-run involving a tiny puppy which I have been reliving for the last two days. But they're not going to.
Because that's what happens in MaddieJoy's life--she dreams and dreams, and then the dreams come true a decade later. When it's just exactly too late.


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Keep working at it!

Don't give up on that puppy!

However, rather than a stray... it'd be far better and safer to go to a licensed kennel or pet store.

Wishing you success!

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well these are

vaccinated strays from the shelter that Petco sponsors adoptions for. My life philosophy is to take care of those who have nothing first--take in a stray, adopt an older child, etc. It's how my dad ended up with his cats, and how my nanna got my mom.

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That'll work, too!

And... a quite admirable philosophy!

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thank you

I'd be a member of PETA but I don't have that kind of money...that's what happens when your parents stop giving you an allowance a year before you can work ;)

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Keep on your parents about

Keep on your parents about that puppy! I find that my parents respond to demands like that best when I present them with some good reasons to justify it. You could try explaining to them why it would be great for you to have a puppy. Builds character through responsibility, infinite happiness, etc. I love my dog so much. I think every kid should have a dog.

Why didn't your party happen exactly? That sounds like the coolest party idea ever. Happy birthday, by the way! :D

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I don't know enough people to justify getting the equiment. As of today I have 1 good friend, 2 very good aquainances & a tablefull of sexually frustrated nerds (their words) in my arsenal. I doubt very much they would all combine very well or that my parents would approve of any of them (with the exception of my best friend, a delightful girl with a fear of movie theatres)

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Your philosophy is sound.

I've always adopted dogs from the mspca pounds. My latest is also my picture. Her name is Ember. She's an american staffordshire with possible colby genes. My mother and I walked into the kennels to look at the dogs, most of the dogs were barking and jumping. I turn down the next aisle and there she is just lying on the floor. She had this look on her face like 'Get me the fuck outta here!', so I asked if I could take her out. She loved being outside and she was strong on the leash, so I took her to the play-yard out back and found she loved playing ball. My mother fell in love with her too. Ember is a huge kissy face.

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this is the kind of dog

that I would love to have:
(scroll down to the 2nd picture) It's some kind of insanely complicated mix of breeds and it's SO ADORABLE!!!!! But I'd really love any little, excited dog that I could take on my walks with me. I've always thought it would be cool to get a dog & train it the same way they do with those seeing eye dogs so I could take him anywhere ;)

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the first dog is cute, but the second dog is beautiful. Almost looks like a shepherd in the face. The poodle influence should make a fairly smart and trainable dog. Good choice, it's almost hard to believe a dog like that needs to be rescued.

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my family was the polar opposite. My mother begged everyone to accept a new puppy into the family. And we got one. And he turned out to be absolutely awesome. He's a load of fun.

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They are indeed.

I've never not had a dog since I was very young. Everyone in my family has dogs or cats, I have both right now. They are a huge responsiblity as well.

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I keep forgetting to give them water.

I remember to take them out every two hours (my older dog is on medications that make him pee as much as the puppy), feed them, make sure the puppy doesn't chew on the carpet, etc. The only thing I always have trouble remembering is water.

I really hope you get a puppy. No lonely person should be without one, and no puppy should be without a lonely (responsible) person.

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You're making sense!

When did this character emerge? :)

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Truthful too!

He finally admits being lonely instead of telling everybody he loves being alone. I have to admit I do love solitude at times, but certainly not every waking hour of every day. With dogs or cats around you can never be truly lonely.

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Water is almost as important,

as food. Especially for active dogs. If left to their own devices, dogs will drink water anywhere they find it, whether it's a toilet or a nasty puddle.

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The active one (the puppy) is fine.

Even if his two water bowls were empty, he drinks out of my other dog's bowl. But it's the older one I keep forgetting.
Actually, this post reminded me to give him water.