Love Stories.

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I enjoy hearing love stories. I think they're awesome. It's great how some people actually have a small little fairy tale. I wish I could have one. I love hearing any story. Whether or not it ends good or bad. I just love hearing and reading about them. Messge me or comment your stories! Even if it's like you falling in love with your best friend. I'd love to hear them. Thanks. Over and out.

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You're new here.

So this'll be new to you.

There was a swimmer guy last year who I adored. I flirted with him a lot. And then he turned into a complete jerk to me on the last few days of school. Now I rarely see him. Yay! Happy endings!

Oh, and I'm pretty sure he did feel mutually about me, but that was completely gone at the end of the year.

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So... who was responsible

for this outcome? Or... was no one?

Sorry... I acknowledge that I'm being a bit presumptive in suspecting that you do know the answer.

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I don't care who was responsible.

It's the past and I only think about the present.

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Oh jeez.

A little over a year ago I met this amazing girl named Brittany who I worked on the school paper with. She is the most amazing, beautiful girl I've ever met in my entire life. Over time I finally gathered the courage to start talking to her more, and we became close friends, which is what we currently are. We hang out a lot, or we did at least, before she started college. She makes time for me though.

She's given me a lot of amazing memories. She's the only person in this shithole town I actually feel connected to. I told her how I felt about her just recently. You can read my journal if you want details on that whole thing. Long story short, it's doubtful we're ever gonna be together. We haven't talked since I told her, but that could just be because she's busy. At least I hope so.

I could make this longer and more detailed, but I've been writing journals on here about her for an entire year, so :P

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I've read one :) I definately love reading your journals. I hope you write more :P keep your head high and don't give up :) i thought i wouldn't get my girlfriend but i worked my hiney off. Eventually she fell for me and said yes when i asked her to be my girl :) -Jazzy<3

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once upon a time

there was a girl. When she was little she told her best friend to propose to her & they got "married." Two years later she left & never said goodbye.

The ducks will get you!

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Aww :l I'm sorry -Jazzy<3

Aww :l I'm sorry -Jazzy<3