Mitt the twit's lead shall soon be over.

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Hopefully, at least. The town hall election is coming tonight, and I know he'll be bad at that. he can't answer questions he isn't prepared for, because he doesn't believe anything he says. It's just all rehearsed. When he hears a question he can't answer, he likes to just ignore it, so Obama has this one. Then again, Obama has proven to disappoint a lot, because he's a pussy.

We need another Bill Clinton. I'm going back and looking at his town hall debate in 1992. Damn, he was a good debater. He answered immediately with no hesitation, and still made good arguments. Bravo, Bill.

Things to do:

This will entertain you:

A catchy song with a weird-as-fuck music video.

And while we're waiting for the debate, let's all watch this:
We can reflect on how bad our candidates have gotten every year.
Oh, the United States that still had independents.


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Romney got away with way too

Romney got away with way too much shit during the first debate. Obama definitely wasn't at his best. He should've called Romney out, been more aggressive. He seemed too passive and almost tired. Hopefully he'll do better tonight.

But the vice presidential debate was awesome. Biden mopped the floor with Ryan. I personally think Biden would make a better president than Obama. He knows exactly what he's talking about.

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The vice presidential debate was too boring for me.

The vice presidents don't affect the election at all. Well, maybe the conservatives who worship Ryan think so, because they're too stupid to know how powerless he is, but the rest of the United States doesn't care. The vice president has rarely had to do anything (other than the presidential curse stuff, but Reagan broke that), and he probably won't the next four years.

I didn't watch the first presidential debate, because I already heard so much about it the next day that there wasn't a reason to anymore.

I plan on actually watching this one! And I completely agree that Biden is more fit for power than Obama. He doesn't know what to do with power, other than hope that somebody else will do something he's too scared to.

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I want to be a vice

I want to be a vice president
it looks good on your resume & you don't get blamed for anything

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Obama is definitely winning.

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And he won.

Romney's last response was weak. I'd say he lost a ton of votes when he mentioned religion.

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He is the epitome of,

a flip-flopper. He was governor here for one term. I just don't trust him.
I'm not a big fan of Obama either. I really don't like when my 'choice' has to be the lesser of two evils.

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vote for me

I'll let everybody do what they want, bring the troops home & make every other Friday International Free Icecream Day.

The ducks will get you!

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Sweetie, I may do just that. I think you might have a chance with that platform.

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That's basically both candidates' platforms at this point.

It's getting ridiculous.