My dedication is admired

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"Well, you guys all know we've been debating some different ideas for the Spring musical, and MaddieJoy here has one with some characters you might know...MaddieJoy? Go ahead."
I stood, straightened my lucky shirt, and smiled, walking in front of the stage to face the 14 glassy-eyed students who stared down at me.
"Hi, I'm MaddieJoy, some of you might know me from theatre class..." I spent the next five minutes giving them all the information I could think of pertaining to my rather unorthodox idea.
"What's Buffy the Vampire Slayer?"
"It's before Twilight, about a girl with magical abilities who slays demons with her dorky friends, in this case during a musical adventure."
"Is the villain a guy?"
"What if you don't sing that well?"
The questions were flying at me almost faster than I could answer them, and I could feel the enthusiasm building. Finally Mr. R looked at his watch and reminded me I still had to pass out the scripts. I grabed the pile of papers on my seat--questionnaires, scripts, and casting sheets--and handed them to the nearest actor, a girl with ruby red hair. She immediately grabbed a script and handed them to the next person, who also grabbed one...
"I really admire you dedication," a boy said to me.
"Thank you."
"You know, I don't do musicals, but I'd audition for THIS."
"I REALLY admire your dedication."
In the end Mr. R had to hussle me out. But I have a feeling the next announcement he'll be making is that auditions for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: the Musical will be this January--and then that our very own MaddieJoy will be playing the role of Buffy.
I've been having a pretty good day. :)