My great new friends

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Everybody I talked to in class last year is gone now, in different classes, so I have new "friends". They're completely unaware that I'm gay because I never new them until now, yet one of them keeps saying things like "you're gay" and shit. They're usually pretty cool, though. One of the people at my lunch this year is someone I've sat at the same table with, and he's ultra-conservative (though not homophobic; he just seems obsessed with economic conservatism). But he seems okay. Still, this isn't nearly as awesome as last year. All my friends now are nerds.


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I keep thinking you're swimmerguy.

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and then you realize he's not,

and are very disappointed.
That's redick!

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You're such a bully! :P

Whoop, it changed. Nevermind. My comment is now irrelevant.