Need some advice...

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I'm still questioning my sexuality, I don't know if I'm bi-sexual or a lesbian. Another thing it makes me feel lost, like I don't know who I am. So the point of this post is if I can get advice on helping me discover who I am. Or just advice in general. And this is what I mean by I feel lost:

When I look at myself in the mirror, I really don't know what to think of's to the point to where it's almost self-loathing. I had always questioned myself ever since I was little. I never liked the girly things, like wearing dresses or playing with dolls. I used to want to always wear pants and boy t-shirts. I also always wanted to play with dinosaurs, godzilla and cars. And as I grew up and made friends I hung out with all boys. Even as a teenager I wore baggy pants and shirts and pairs of skate shoes.

But at this point in my life it's all getting so over whelming that I am totally confused on what to think of myself. I would really like to have some advice on this or at least a little help on this matter.

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First of all, completely

First of all, completely disregard how you dressed or what toys you played with as a kid, or any of that stuff. None of that really plays a role in your sexuality.

As far as discovering yourself, there's not really a step-by-step process you can take for that sort of thing. It all just kinda comes to you gradually. You just let life happen, and when you just let life happen, you learn things about yourself, including your sexuality.

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That's not exactly true. It

That's not exactly true. It does play a factor in growing up. I played with Hot Wheels, action figures, and Legos growing up. I was always with my dad and brothers. I dressed in pants and tshirts as a kid. I hate dresses and skirts.
For most people our childhood affects us in alot of ways. If you really look deep into it, you might learn something about yourself. Slowly, you'll figure out who you are. Go with the flow. Dont go crazy but dont hold back either. Keep ur head high and smile. Life is too short to waste. Trust... -Jazzy<3

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There's no hurry.

There's no hurry. Really.
You don't have to figure everything out. I was like that a while back, questioning my every thought, and action, wondering what it meant, etc. etc. But you do become a little tired of it after a while.
I know that 'let go' is very vague advice, and it's difficult to do, but it comes with the passage time, and it helped for me!