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Remember my crush? Well, he is straight and he has a crush on my best friend. After knowing it, I felt bad but then every emotion was gone. It's good and bad because I can't feel bad, I can't make me feel bad, but the problem is that I'm not enjoying things with my friends :/.
My friends are so accepting about gays, but they got the bad point of view of gays thanks to some pervy gay guy that's in my class and some friend wants a gay friend

Good update: today I came out to some of my best friends

Me: I can't date that chick! (He had been telling me to date some chick from my old school)
H: Why?
M: I'm gay
H: seariously? Is this a joke?
M: I'm serious, I don't like chicks
H: it feels like a slap in the face, I never thought that of you, but you're still my best friend! And I know some hot guy that is gay and I can introduce you

It was so spontaneous, because we were talking how some revolution could change the world and then we had an awkward silence so I took the chance that we were alone and I just told him spontaneously.

Tomorrow I might ask him to show me a pic of the guy and on Tuesday I will go to the city, my friend will be there so I might meet him

That's all guys!


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good for you

came out & got a date in the same converstaion! :)

"It's a helluva start, knowing what makes you happy."
--Lucille Ball

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Sounds good... maybe!

Your friend may be doing you a favor; but then, maybe not!

You should be aware of the ambiguities that exist when someone is characterized as "gay."

(1) In its purest sense, being "gay" merely means that one is innately predisposed to emotional attachments with those of the same sex rather than the opposite.

(2) But, also, when we hear that someone is gay, we often infer (frequently without justification) what types of sexual activities he/she wants or enjoys. This is where one should be cautious.

Your friend may know a gay with whom he feels you might be able to share a mutual emotional bond. That would be fantastic…

However, his friend may also be characterized as "gay" because he is known to be willing to seek sexual satisfaction (i.e., orgasms) with "assistance" from whomever and however circumstances permit. This may also appeal to you (particularly if you're looking for something a bit more social or daring than masturbating alone in your bedroom). Dunno… but, if so, also great!

But… make sure you become a bit better informed before jumping in! :)

Good luck!