October 9, 2012

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Well, well it's the season to apply for colleges! Woohoo! Finally I can escape my crappy life, or at least try to. One of the problems is I have to brag about my accomplishments, goals, etc. Thing is, I can only brag about being alive after several suicide attempts... So for now I shall try thinking positively, though I might not do so good.

Other than that, I'm doing fine. Watched Life of Brian yesterday for the first time and I was shocked to see Graham Chapman's buttocks and penis on screen. (I did not rewind it, ok.) Overall I enjoyed it. Hopefully after I watch the special features part, the Pythons give some sort of explanation.

Also have a wonderful october 9th everyone.


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Hilarious Movie!

" Lifes a piece of shit, when you look at it, but then you have to laugh and give a smile." 'Always look on the bright side of life'.