Oh man...

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I really did it this time...Got the bone set and casted this morning, and the sprainon my wrist is going slowly ack to normal, but doing everything lefty sucks ass.

Im going to be super ambidextrous after this one.

its been a long week. flying to montana sunday for my dad's memorial service and dealing w/ the estate, then getting things squared away from there, guess I got out of moving boxes and clearing downed trees. lol.

beinglefty only sucks tho- i can't do anything, can't picvk up weight, cant ride a bike , cant playguitar, can barelymtyope, adn don't even get me started on other stuff like taking a pee or masturbatingf.haha.

being leftymreally sucks ass.

at least i got some cool 'fall risk' wristbandsmfrom teh hospital.

I did about the gayest thing ever the otehrndy tho...dressed in drag as a halloween party thing w. a frined, but it was pretty bad. lol., Im sure terher are pics somewhere.

also, RIP to my friend Kyle bennett, pro/olympian BMX racewr. we were supposed to have him as a guest @ thbe local track teaching a clinic for kids next week, now it will eb a fundraiser for hisn daughter and fiance. RIP brother.
this one's for you. Also, I am quitting drinking. except may be the occasional microbrew.

what are y'all doin g for halloween? I can't ride lkike I wanted, butnown I have a rad blackn orange cast, so I might do something soon.



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Take care my friend,

I hope you heal up quickly. Take the time time and do the physical therapy as well. One of the dumbest things I ever did was to go skiing after I finally got out of a leg cast several years ago. I think it was a month after the cast was removed. I was dead set on getting back on skis after a year of misery. I went to this little pimple of a mountain in New Hampshire named Temple Mtn. I was like a bird getting used to his wings again. I didn't have any falls or pain while skiing(technically a mountain for beginners) which was great, but the next day I was fucking crippled. What little muscle I had left in the broken leg was completely stiff and very sore. Luckily, I started therapy about a month later and that restored all of the lost muscle and then some.

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I Did the same thing...lol

when I broke my tib/fib, as soon as I got the walking cast on, there was an SPD cleat, similar to a ski binding, but for a bike mounted to the cast. I also totally f-ed upmy left leg getting back to it to fast. so believe me I know.


Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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I hope you get your arm

I hope you get your arm function back soon! I understand a little about what your going through because I don't have full function of my left arm because of my disabilities.

You really need something positive in your life!

I'm glad you're back on here!