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When it is November, the BF and I have decided to go somewhere together, probably Australia. None of this bullshit, no emergency meetings, politics, assignments, all drugged up on coffee. We would be staying up late for the right reasons, and dancing in a city full of strangers. I like big cities, there are so many people, it is so much more intimate, over here there is no privacy. Right now that sounds like paradise. I'm liking him more and more everyday. He looked so good in his suit last night. We were just dancing and a guy asked us whether we got married last night. We laughed at such a ridiculous suggestion.


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Maybe not so ridiculous...

in a few year's time... after graduation!

It's good to hope and have something to look forward to.

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Sounds like fun,

Getting away from the bullshit, if only temporary, is good for the mind.
How is everything?