Poetry is gay.

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You're gay.


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kind of a lesbianish thing actually...

but do you care to elaborate?

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i meant me

not poetry

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i was commenting on the

i was commenting on the journal, not replying

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The poetry I write is, I

The poetry I write is, I guess. Technically.

I don't know if this is some really stupid way of telling people here to quit posting poetry, but if it is, then you should probably know that people have a right to post whatever they want, and I personally enjoy poetry and I enjoy reading the poetry of others.

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Look who's calling the kettle black,

You are kidding right? Apparently, Mr. Metal Maven doesn't have the capacity to understand that most song lyrics start out as poems, or are written in poetic form. Mudvayne would be a good example, I could also list many others. That is, if you even bother to read them.
Not to worry radiosilence, if nothing else this comment inspires me to write and post more poems. Obviously, he's never read any of mine.
I've only posted two on here in my journal. Hmm, this calls for 'An Apology' I believe. I'll leave you with this...
> There once was a man from Nantucket,
> Whose dick was so long he could suck it..
I'll leave the rest to the imagination, I would'nt want to offend the straight people on this site.

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I fucking love limericks
That's redick!

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didn't this site once have alot to do with poetry?

ill wait for Jeffs answer

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There used to be a poetry link at the top, but people requested we switch it to Resources and link to some suicide prevention stuff, so we did.

But from the very beginning there was a poetry section, and on this version if you added the tag poem or poetry, it would automatically appear on the Poetry page.

I wouldn't say the site ever had a lot to do with poetry. The site ebbs and flows, sometimes a lot of journals, sometimes poetry, sometime more girls, sometimes more boys.... the only constant is change.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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that bit i didn't know

wasn't their a poetry workshop as well?

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I've got some poetry fer ya'

I once had attempted to fart,
when my ass released a wet shart
I didn't know what to do
as my pants filled with poo
as I laid there
in the dark

That's redick!

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That's awesome!

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wrote it myself ;)

That's redick!

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Two small sentences caused 11 comments in one day without any OP interference to get the conversation going again.
I knew people would react to a journal about something that interests them, but this is ridiculous.
That was the only point to this journal, by the way.

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"interests" =

you were a dick and people often reply to inflammatory comments reguardless on the subject.

I, for one, don't particularily enjoy poetry either (except limericks because they're raunchy and funny), but that's MY choice, not a direct attack to recent posters.

You dig?
That's redick!

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I wasn't being a dick.

If I said that poetry is bad or something like that, that would be being a dick. You, on the other hand are always a dick. You can't reply to any of my comments without insulting me.

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I called you a "dick"

In the way that you called poetry "gay"

Neither are directly saying it's "bad" but we understand that, by the context clues and typical understanding of societal norms, that we're insulting something.

A dick is a body part or even a name, and gay is a sexual orientation. If you're going to try and scapegoat your choice on the linguistic mincing of words, then you should at LEAST try to not be a hypocrite about it.

*snaps in a z formation*
That's redick!

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If your not a fan of poetry, I respect that. Please don't hesitate to comment regardless of whether you like it or not. I like to hear both negative and positive comments.

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Why post 'Poetry is gay' then. I thought you were using 'gay' to mean sucks. Personally, I dislike the word being used in this fashion, but if nothing was meant by it, that's cool. I aint angry about it, miffed a little but not angry. Coincidence, I guess.

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more limricks!

there once was a doctor from torrene,
who knocked together a sex machine.
concave or convex,
it would do either sex,
but, oh! what a bastard to clean!

~"i'm a real Witch, Before, During AND After my coffee!"