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I started a new game on VVVVVV yesterday. A few hours later I had completed the game and collected all shiny trinkets. This is what I'm doing with my life.


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Not sure...

Should I be envious?

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I have nothing better to do than spend all day mastering the most difficult videogames ever. This is how bored I am.

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Man, I was wondering when I'd made so many journals, then I saw you'd taken my picture :P

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I'll just recycle an older one, then.

I hope he doesn't notice!

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I, for one,...

have never seen it before. But, I must admit that it does have a certain charm. :)

So... is revival of "socialist" next?

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Why would it be?

I'm not going to lie to anyone.

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Wherein lies...

the lie?

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In the socialist part.

I'm not a socialist anymore. Actually, I'm sort of between libertarianism and progressivism now. I'll keep anarchist, though, because I do support the idea of revolution.

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And... you can justify all

of those who will die?

Or do you envisage a bloodless revolution? Could be...

The issue?

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Doesn't matter.

If anyone defending their cause (in this case, their government) is willing to die for it, who's going to tell them they can't? It's their decision to defend their government, and I firmly believe people should be allowed to do to themselves what they will.

The people in power don't have much of a choice, though. But if the leader pissed off his people to the point that they'll kill him, he had it coming, right? The people of a country don't just have a revolution over nothing, so the leader must really be a dick to make them violent.

I do, however, like what the Cambodians did in their revolution against Pol Pot. They abolished the death penalty, and their former ruler died in 1998 or whatever.