too bad

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so my friend A has lost all semblance of a personality. It's like she's become high school, you know? Everything is centred around school, even if that's not what she's talking about. And I wish I could talk to her about my life but that would mean coming out cause I HAVE A CRUSH ON A GIRL!!!!
...And there's really no way to talk about why I like her while making her sound like a guy. Ya kno. Cause she's a girl.
That's taking some getting used to. I don't think I really believed it would happen, I just figured I would go through life thinking I was queer and never really feel anything and then BAM there she was. It was like, damn, I guess that's it. No going back now.
She's got this really cool feathery blondish hair and wears kind of effortlessly cool clothes and...btw, if ur reading this & think this might be u pls stop me! XD
Anyway yeah. Not sure how much longer A & I are going to last. It's too bad since we've been friends for 5 years. But I'll always have D, no matter who else I'm friends with she's been there since the dawn of time. We're going to see Arsenic & Old Lace together.