what to include in a letter

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The girlfriend is officially gone for boot camp. She arrives at the base sometime in the middle of the night, has to stay awake for three days straight, and then will undergo nonstop marine corps recruit training for 13 weeks.

I told her I'd write her every day. Even though I won't be able to send the letters for a few weeks, I'm writng the first one today.

I have a bad habit of writing really long letters. I'm sure she'd appreciate the detail, but they only get one hour a night for personal tasks like showering, cleaning, studying, and reading and writing letters. So, a letter that would take a while to read and respond to is out of the question..for the majority of the letters.

I see my role as an unwaivering source of love, pride, support, and encouragement. Though, I'm unsure of what all I should include/excude from my letters to express that.

If you were in physically and emotionally intense military training away from your home and civilization for 13 weeks, what would you want to read in letters from your significant other?


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That premise is so impossible to imagine, I couldn't possibly tell you. ;-)

I do think you should write a little every day, but you're not going to go be able to sustain 8-page daily letters, which would mean 728 pages across 91 days? Not going to happen.

Not to mention, you're still living your life too. It's not like she comes home after 13 weeks and you're back to normal. You need to figure out what the new normal is and start moving toward that, no?

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You're right. Between

You're right. Between classes and work, I plan to stay as busy as possible for the next three months. I know she is going to change, but I believe it may help our relationship mature. The new normal is sharing my girlfriend with the government, and I'm going to adapt the best that I can.

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That situation is impossible

That situation is impossible for me to imagine myself in. I don't ever plan on going to boot camp, but if I were ever to be separated from my darling and civilization in general for a long time, I think I'd like to get a letter that's very...not dramatic? What I mean by that is I would want her to tell me what's been going on in her daily life, not every little detail, but just updates that let me know she's managed to maintain some semblance of normalcy after I left.

Like, I wouldn't want her to write me some melodramatic shit about how her world is upside-down because I'm gone, or that her heart yearns for me every second of every day. I would just want us to correspond in a normal way, like we would if we were talking face to face.

Oh, but I wouldn't mind an "I love you" or "I miss you" in every letter :P

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I think I can do drama-free

I think I can do drama-free letters. I will definitely include 'I love you' in every letter without being sappy. Thanks for the input.

I think my cat even already misses her.

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My Letters.

I would love letters. They would keep me going and happy. Like an encouragement :) I'd be happy to get them. I'd see a letter and be like ":D ohhh yeaa!" I wouldn't mind long letters. I would read them during my showers lol xD I would want something to laugh at. Maybe look forward to. An I love you and I miss yous. Some memories. Words of praise and encouragement. Things like that -Jazzy<3

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Definitely very sweet ideas.

Definitely very sweet ideas. :) So basically keep it positive and fun and encouraging.

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you should include

some sort of sweet little trinket like a pressed flower or a mini drawing (or whatever you're able to make w/ your artistic ability) or photo in each letter

The ducks will get you!