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; '˜ http://youtu.be/6efeMgZ1cGA

A man on a streetcar once
said to all: "I met a girl named
Dream last night" and
another shuddered: "I have
been breathing too
much lately.

"i love you,
i love your private hell" she
says to the girl with the bruise
on her arms.

so i sat and memorized
the shape of his hand and spied
on his skin.

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(I have been away! I'm back, I think!)


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Thanks for the link...

That qualifies (imho) as music. Curious, however, whether anarchist agrees...

Regrettably... I must pass on the poetry... that's what happens when one has crossed the event horizon! :(

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Black holes?

Thank you for your feedback!

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It works... at least as a metaphor: There's no going back!

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Very nice.

Very nice.

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What did you think of Nawlins?

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Sorry... but that's way over my head. :(

Need a bit stronger hint!

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I was in New Orleans

I was in New Orleans (Nawlins imitates the southern drawl, I suppose!) so this is what he's meaning.

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Yeah, I see the problem!

Bosemaster42 mistakenly posted that as a comment to me rather than to you.

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It may have appeared I was replying to you Keith, but I actually replied to my own post. I forgot to ask angel about his trip in the first reply.
Sorry for the confusion, and yes, that's how the people pronounce New Orleans down there. Otherwise, they attack you with "Y'all a Yankee?"
Love the Cajun dialect!

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It was lovely, thank-you! I

It was lovely, thank-you! I had a really good time.

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I'm happy for you. It's a very unique city. That song stuck with me most of the day too. Thanks for the youtube link.

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"I love your private hell".. so seductive and brilliant.
"so i sat and memorized
the shape of his hand and spied
on his skin."

This is truly breathtaking..

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Welcome back...

Glad you had a good time!

"I am living this life as lovingly as I can be as flawed as I am." - Brandon Lacy Campos