Aerosmith or work??

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Aerosmith is playing a free outdoor show in front of the building they used to practice in many years ago before they hit it big. The show goes off at noon. I'm literally a ten minute walk away. Do think anyone will notice if I diappear for a few? It's gonna be a friggin madhouse!


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It's probably not going to be a 3 hour show or anything.

Can't you just say you're going to check it out and then work late to cover whatever time you missed? I am a contractor, though, so I do that all the time.

Given their concert prices lately, free sounds worth doing.

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My company,

usually don't let anyone stay late on Monday nights. It's alright though, I told my boss I was going for coffee. Which I did, but I then wandered over to Commonwealth ave. Aerosmith came on late around 12:30 and they played for about an hour. Tyler sounded good and Joe Perry kicked ass, as usual. They ended with 'Train kept a rollin' and dedicated it to the MBTA green line, which runs up the middle of Comm. ave. There were tons of people everywhere. I had never seen them live before and your right, the cost of tickets to see them are outrageous. It was short but sweet!

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I'd gladly lose my job to see a band like that anyhow.

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