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Things are goin well for me so far. I’ve been seeing someone for a little while and things are getting rocky but I’ve decided if it ends it ends and it just wasn’t meant to be. I mean don’t get my wrong, I love Dan, but if I’m the only one who puts in an effort to keep this thing going then it’s not worthy of my time and patience. Feud and fuss is the breeding grounds for drama if you ask me.

Some of you have asked for a link to my fanpage on facebook, well gladly give it to them. I will only send it in Private Messages though, as I only give it out to people who want it. I don’t know why, just makes me feel like I’m more connected to my fanbase. Anyway, it’s a relatively new page so all I’ve got on there is a few jokes and funny stories I’ve written so far, but I will be uploading some video of my performance I have coming up at the end of this month.

I feel like I’ve been advertising this whole journal so I’ll rant here before the guy (forgot his name, sorry old friend) kicks me for placing ads.

So anyway, like I said, I’ve been seeing this guy named Dan for quite some time. He’s a furry and he’s trying to get me into the fandom. I’m considering it, it is a pretty rich culture and the music and art is amazing. I’m going to a convention with him coming up in April so that should be fun.

I’ve dated a couple furs before but never one this committed to the lifestyle. He wears a collar after all…don’t get me wrong. I kinda like guys in collars, so it’s all good. He’s real cute too in his nerdy little way. He calls me Ted, short for Teddy Bear. Everytime he calls me Ted in front of my mom she snickers…damn you Dan and your adorable nicknameyness.

If you’ll all excuse me I’m going bigot hunting and my deer stand outside the republican headquarters isn’t hidden very well so I’d better get going before someone steals it.

Wish me luck!


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I've actually come to know quite a few actually. I really find it to be an interesting fetish and subculture. Plus lots of the furries I've met were super nice, so I'm quite fond of them :)