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1. This place is empty during the school year. It's like some weird arcade, except instead of leering at you the man behind the counter tells you about internalized homophobia and veganism.

2. Random people have been giving me a lot of attention recently. I almost let it get to my head, then I realized it's probably just because I wear socks with sandals.

3. I've been seeing this guy, and for a while all I wanted to was talk about him to people. Seriously, I was this close to making flyers.

4. I can't remember if it's "flyers" or "fliers." So much for a university education.

5. I might not be seeing this guy for long. I actually don't know anything about our relationship, which is kinda weird. I don't know if he's been seeing other guys, or if he considers me a boyfriend, or whatever. All I know is that I like him, and he says he likes me.

6. I wish I could find someone whose fetish is watching me eat really expensive food. If you know anyone, hook me up.


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It's placid during the day because most of the users are in school,no?
1. You mean Jeff? He would'nt tell you about internalized homophobia unless you were exibiting symptoms. He's a vegan, what did you expect?
2. Socks and sandals? Kinda strange, considering sandals are one small step from being barefoot. Never liked them anyway.
4. That would be flyers(paper), fliers would refer to birds or pilots. I only graduated high school, so what do I know.
5. What's to know, you like each other, so make it work.
6. Interesting.

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If it's placid, just watch porn, that should sort it out, no?

"I am living this life as lovingly as I can be as flawed as I am." - Brandon Lacy Campos

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It could enliven the atmosphere, I guess.

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Please report back...

on its efficacy if you pursue Jeff's suggestion. :)

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1. I'd probably leer at you in person, but on a website, it doesn't translate as well... Oasis does arc with the academic calendar. More activity during summers and breaks. Less now, as many people ramping up for finals, etc. Plus, it often has lulls and user spikes randomly. There is always the question if it is still useful...

2. Vegan sandals, one hopes?

5. You could, like, ask him whassup. Seems a fair question if you're already diddling him.

6. There are feeders, but not sure the cost of the food plays a role. They just get you up to 400 pounds and then dump you for their next fattie, typically.

"I am living this life as lovingly as I can be as flawed as I am." - Brandon Lacy Campos

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1) I kinda made the comparison to an arcade to point out how Oasis arcs with the academic calender. I don't think I made it very clear, because nobody seems to have got that.

Also, this site is always useful. I guess I can't speak for everyone, but it's always here, and that's nice. Jeff, the little queer teens of America need you.

2) Har har

5) I've thought about it, but It's kinda comfortable right now. I'll bring it up later. And diddling sounds like something Flanders would say.

6) Oh, feeders. I kinda thought Deviantart invented feeders, and that they didn't exist in real life. Gross.

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How the hell does that work?

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I got fat without anyone else getting off on it, hehe.

Details here, though:

"I am living this life as lovingly as I can be as flawed as I am." - Brandon Lacy Campos

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That's not the way it's supposed to work... should be the one "getting off", not the voyeur.

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On 4...

Either works... but it seems that fliers is preferred... even for those annoying papers tossed on your front porch.

But here is just another (instructive) spelling challenge:

wire : wiry :: fire: ?

Get it right... you'll never forget it! :)


btw: Why so scarce? You've been truly missed around here!

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Boom goes the dynamite

wire : wiry :: fire : fiery

See, some people have also told me "flyers" is correct. English picks the oddest things to confuse me with.

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And that was without a dictionary!

Two of our long-standing and exceptionally prolific Oasies™ were also not immune:

One consistently misspelled a much-favored adjective: weird wierd

The other's favorite misspelling was: tomorrow tommorrow

And... many others currently have a great problem with: you're your

This is just FYI (so you don't feel alone)! If you're able to guess who is being referenced above (they're still around!), just keep it your secret. Please!

It wasn't until long after graduating college that I was relieved of having to constantly look up the spelling of accommodate! :(

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Guilty as charged, but perhaps you've not seen I've corrected most of my faux pas'. I learn from my screw-ups for the most part. I appreciate you pointing them out, though, so no problem there. I know I'm not perfect, in fact, far from it. I have to admit though, my answer to Dave on 'Flyers' was off the top of my head. I usually go with my first thought on things like that, because it's 'usually' right. I guess in this case, it does'nt really matter which you use.