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I finally made it into another varsity game. I'm going to the Crenshaw game for playoffs. I'm proud of myself and so is my mom. I'm glad I'm back in school and dancing. I picked up my fails up to A's. I miss being at school.
I don't miss my friends. They don't know about my girlfriend but I want to tell them. I'm tired of them asking me if I have a boyfriend. I shake my head and say no. But whenever they see me and my girlfriend's anniversary date on my wrist, they ask "what is that then?" I always try to explain but they just change the subject. I wish I could just tell them. Only a few of my friends know about my love. Those friends drifted away so fast. Not because of my girl. But because I'm MIA half the time. Oh well.
I really need new AND real friends. I don't know where to look or where to start. I want a friend that will trust me and I could trust them. I hope to find him/her soon.