first letter from fox, mcrd. RHPS and next semester

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Today has been a very exciting day. I looked out my window, and I saw the mailman.. I thought to girlfriend has been in basic for two weeks, all the significant others in the online forums about boot camp say their first letter arrived in two weeks.. maybe the mailman has a letter for me from fox!

And he did. And I cried like a little school girl. I think I read it at least five times over, ensuring not one pen mark was missed. It's so strange going, at the most, four days without seeing one person for almost half a year .. then to have to go thirteen weeks without. Ugh. But it'll be worth it in the long run. (..going eleven more weeks without getting laid is not going to be fun, either, but that'll make her homeComing all the more sweet. Thought I'd throw that out there.)

Tonight, I went to my first interactive Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was a blast doing the time warp with a theater full of people. . I highly recommend it.

I also finally have my class schedule figured out for next semester.. five bio classes. Guess my major? ;)

I think I want to be a vet. ?

Anyway, sleep. I want to sleep first.