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1. yesterday in biology Z, Rt & I were writing down the answers to some questions together when I realized I had forgotten the new vocabulary words.
"What are those micro-pores again?" I asked, frowning.
"Soulmates," Z said, looking right at me. My heart literally stopped beating and I stared at him completely uncomprehending.
"What?!" I could barely keep my voice from shaking in surprise.
"Stomates," he repeated.
2. Today in rehearsal A, E, & I were sitting (S was nearby but not really w/ us) and talking. I perched on A's lap & E was at our feet, stretched out like a cat.
"Can I tell them about the Br thing?" A asked suddenly.
"No..." E bit her lip thoughtfully.
"What are you talking about?" I asked as S turned around, her curiosity piqued.
A looked at E for a moment before leaning in (an awkward movement considering my rather precarious position) to dish.
"Well, I THINK Mi & Br kissed." she sat back to observe our reactions.
"So?" S asked, disappointed.
"Well, they're, you know..."
"Boys?" I said, raising my eyebrow slightly.
"They probably didn't, it just looked that way--" E interjected.
"What's wrong with it?" I demanded, turning to face A.
"They're too young." she said defensively.
"How old are they?"
"My age."
"Oh, like you haven't seen kids making out in the halls at your school." E shook her head.
"Yeah, but they're girls & guys..."
"Are you a homophobe?" S demanded suddenly.
"No! They're just too--I can't explain it. I'll ask Mi...he says they didn't," she said. Soon the subject was dropped, and we did not return to it.