I just have to share this.

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I can't get enough of this track:

So much good music was heard yesterday. I found this, downloaded the new Blackleg EP (all of which are absolutely free). That was one of his best yet, in my opinion, and then I downloaded a couple new tracks he put on his SoundCloud.

And today in French I listened to the first 45 minutes a Kromestar and Dark Tantrums DJ mix on YouTube. I guess working while listening to YouTube is better than spending the period just looking at my favorite artists' discographies.

And yes, I obviously do love Kromestar.

Look at dat beautiful face. It's the face of the greatest musician ever to live. In my opinion, at least.

In other news, my father is on his way to Texas right now, where he will work for a week. Again. So I'm going to be living alone for a while again.

Also, the people at school hate me more every day because of my incredibly dark sense of humor. They also hate me because I don't play "real video games", and only indies. I don't know why they're so hostile to indie games. I love them because they're light and casual; playing them doesn't have to be in a two-hour session. And they're sometimes a lot harder than any commercial games you'll find because businesses won't invest in something nobody can beat. On top of all that, indie video games have the best soundtracks, which is something I really value. So fuck them.

Well, that's the journal! It must have been right, so for forever goodnight. Or at least until the next one.


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A surprise... It must be...

But I did listen! Still hasn't eluded my biases, but I must admit it more closely approaches my tastes that many of your earlier selections! :)

So... with your father away for a week, I hope this doesn't mean that you'll be celebrating Thanksgiving alone? Surely not!

btw: As for your "love"... that's best left for others to comment!

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Good beat,

A little slow for my tastes, but not bad.
High School kids hating on you? Over your choice of video games and your dark sense of humor? Fuck em, if they can't take a joke! Are you sure they actually 'hate' you? That word tends to be misused quite often with many people.

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They have said that they hate me.

So I'm going to assume they hate me.

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Any idea why...

they would say such a hurtful thing?

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Because they hate me.

Why else?

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Shame on them, I guess.