I messed up things...

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Remember the fugly gay guy I had talked about in other posts? Well, I messed things with him. I was talking with my friends about my job when some friend said that I will be a male prostitute and that I would be that kid prostitute, I joked with it saying that he was jealous because at least he buys me when he was walking by, I think he heard me and I said it out loud (Shit!) so he probably did. The rest of the day he kept staring at me and its awkward. Today things got weirder. I was talking to him and he was trying to make a sexy face (I almost puke), he was super close to my desk (I'm behind his desk) and he keeps putting his arm in my desk (I hate that) so I moved his desk because there was a free space, I didn't had space and he was super close and when he comes to the class he moves back his desk closer than it was (UGH!) and he kept staring at me all the time until my best girl friend had to tell him to move because I was starting to feel uncomfortable, after he moved she told me that he couldn't stop staring at me and that I should delete him from fb (thank glob I hadn't added him) and any other social network because he sends pictures of his dick to guys.
Well, I shall wait and see how things will continue, I hope they end soon.

Last weekend was horrible, those days I made deeper cuts, I threw the razor away.
There's a hot guy in 11th grade and everyone thinks he's gay (:D)
And Im accepting my lonely times and maybe I'll start to like them (just as I did with many bad feelings)