Im Over It

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So as you all know i finally told my mother and sisters that im bisexual right...they spazzed out as i thought they would they said some hurtful things thatll be hard for me to forgive but i know overtime i will but right now i feel a feeling of accomplishment all tge important people in my life know so im good.....for now i suppose like the old folk say "only time will tell"


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good for you

& see how much your spelling improves when you calm dowm? ;)
Welcome to Oasis, by the way--I don't think I told you that.

The ducks will get you!

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Yes my spelling is actually

Yes my spelling is actually perfect but typing on a android screen isnt always easy either, but when i am upset or any emotion that dosent means GOOD
i tend to misspell my words........l~B-Town's Finest,