Keeping Me a Secret

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As the title may suggest, I've just finished reading "Keeping You a Secret." I checked it out from the schoo library earlier and read it all through rehearsal. The author described my fear so perfectly that 1/2 the book might just as well have been me.
I'm going to come out. No BS this time. I'm going to go one person at a time, and one day maybe I'll find there's no one left.
I''m starting on Thursday with my scene partner, Hunter. He's gay, loves theatre & we have a lot in common. I don't know him that well, but I feel like that's a good thing. Like coming out to an aquaintance will make it easier to come out to my friends somehow. Plus, I know he'll be OK with it. That helps a lot.
So I'm coming out. I'm coming out. Weird how if you say it enough it sounds like it's actually possible.


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I applaud your confidence and hope everything works out for you *hugs*

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I haven't read...

"Keeping You a Secret"... so, not quite sure about the advised procedure.

But... please keep in mind that if there is anyone you wish to remain ignorant, think very carefully about how you proceed. Promises can be broken... oh, so easily! :(

Wishing you the very best!

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Ah, I loved that book.

Ah, I loved that book. Probably because it's the only book I've read that focuses solely on a lesbian relationship.

And you go, girl! He seems like the perfect person to start with. You'll feel so much better, I guarantee it.

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I've long since hit the point where there is anyone to come out to. Even now, when I start a new job or something, I'm out on day one, just so I don't have to think about it. It becomes pretty easy.

Just remember that people react to your coming out based on how you come out to them. If you're nervous and ashamed, they will feel concerned for you. If you sound uncertain, they will tell you you don't have to decide anything specifically. But if you are confident and happy, they will be happy for you.

You can come out to friends and even acquaintances, but then it shifts and you just are out. So, being unfiltered will just inform people, rather than some measured proclamation.

But, yes, coming out is very possible. Good luck, babe! You'll be fine.

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I have read that book...

Didn't enjoy it all that much, honestly. but to each their own. Good luck w/ coming out to your friend in your drama/ SCT group.

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Hells Yes

I'm really excited for this. You'll do awesome! Just be sure this Hunter kid wont blab; your coming out is something that people will probably want to talk about.

But, yeah. This is awesome news, and you should let everyone know how it goes.

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Good luck,

Maddie, hopefully it'll be smooth sailing.

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Loved That Book

I love Keeping You A Secret. It was great :) i actually felt the pain Holland did when Cece told her to keep their relationship a secret. I was like :/ aww -Jazzy<3