Maybe I would enjoy an eternal lonely night, away from all the others.

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I used to be social; I loved talking to people, I wanted to know everybody, and I really wanted to be able to experience other people's lives; I thought living from someone else's perspective and actually experience how they do things would be the most enlightening experience ever (an idea which obviously changed when I thought more about solipsism). But now I'm sort of antisocial, and pretty much only voluntarily communicate with strangers online (preferably at night). I do talk to people at school, but only because I'd be bored to death if I didn't, with the school's music player policy.

Now, the topic that involves your opinion more:

Ever since I thought of it, I've considered it to be the ultimate heaven, to be in an isolated little room one's entire life, and to be able to survive eternally without any food or hydration. Never seeing the outside world, or even being aware of anyone else's existence. Just a cubic room, no doors or windows, all walls, floor, and ceiling identical to each other. I wonder if that would be unpleasant. I've always thought that one wouldn't wonder about anything outside of the room, because there would be no indication of an outside world. I'd like to hear your opinion: is this absolute heaven or utter hell?

Oh, and I'd also like your opinion on the first two episodes of Season 3.


Also, the thing to do in this journal is MapCrunch. You may have heard of it, but it's a pretty cool web site that drops you in a random location on Google Maps street view. I read about this game invented based on it, in which the player sets it to hide any information of the location he or she is dropped in, and tries to find an airport with which to travel home.

I started a game earlier today, and after some travelling and some inductive reasoning (based on signs and flags on buses) I concluded that I was lost in the Vhembe District Municipality of South Africa. I failed to find an airport (or even to travel outside of the Vhembe District, which I assumed not to have a city large enough for one), but if you have a metric fuckton of freetime, you might be entertained by it:
(To hide the location details, click on the arrows on the right and select "Stealth" at the bottom. Then click the "Go" button to be dropped in a random place.)


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"is this absolute heaven or utter hell?"

I don't think it's either, it's just a void. If it was your entire life you wouldn't know the difference between heaven and hell because you would never think of it. You wouldn't even have language to think these thoughts. It would simply be how things have always been. It wouldn't even matter. The idea also reminds me of a coffin! Simply alone inside the earth for ever and ever.

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Good point.

So, considering your argument, I guess living in this scenario would be more like Barack Obama's presidency: plain and not remarkable in any way.

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A quite insightful comment:

"I really wanted to be able to experience other people's lives"

I feel that this is one of the most fundamental of human desires that lies central to affection, love, empathy, desire, wishes for another!

A physical impossibility... but that first attraction one may feel for a remote individual can be characterized (metaphorically, of course) as your melding with both body and soul of the "other" such that all of your mutual experiences (enjoyable as well as the not-so-enjoyable) can be willingly shared.

I think that this has to be central to what you feel internally when you first spy that unique individual across the classroom that you feel so drawn towards...

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It would become,

A living hell, I believe. Being isolated from the outside world may seem like a good idea, But I don't believe it's healthy mentally or physically. The little cube would become a prison, of sorts, leading to madness. You often speak of boredom, well, after maybe a week you'd probably start displaying 'Cabin Fever'. Humans are meant to move, socialize, and need some sort of connection to nature. I would also think simple human curiosity would give a person motivation for leaving the cube. I know it would drive me nuts!

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I don't see heaven here. No knowledge, activity, interaction, change.

Whether it is heaven or hell is the right choice to pick between, because it wouldn't constitute living.

Hey, Sexy Lady! Oppan Gangnam Style...

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That new avatar!

You? Whatever... it's a great pic!

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Yeah, it's a picture of me that I took because I felt like

making my profile picture me again. It was taken late at night while I was at my computer, which is when I'm happiest. For some reason, I really love the night. All the memories of staying up late working on music or just browsing the Internet. I digressed pretty quickly.