My religion and my beliefs are not important

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So this has been a problem since I decided to not make part of any religion in my old school where I had to stand some hateful comments about it, I fought but then I just realized I shouldn't give a fuck about it because that's one of my reasons I stopped believing in some god that says he's the only one so most of the people will say their gods are fake and that they will go to hell. Every religion class was a fight for standing up for my beliefs, but I wasn't alone, there were some other classmates that think the same way, but I stopped fighting and they lost interest. Other day we were in phylosophy and the teacher said that he thinks that there might be a god, but he doesn't need it (this thing has a name, but I can't remember) and when he said that some chick got out of the class because she couldn't be with someone who thinks that way and then other guy did the same and I think he cried and every time some people would yell at me "You're going to hell" unto I replied saying that their god is fake and they always got hurt.
In my new school I said it, but just one guy was shocked and he said that I was going to hell, then he realized what he said and shut his mouth and some friend told him to calm down. While in my other school it's was hard, here everyone is more open minded to people.

My father loves his god and he pray to him everyday, and my mom is more careless about it, but she believes in his god. I was born in a Catholic family, my dads side is very religious, he was going to be a priest and in my moms side there had been problems with priests and something bad happened to my grandpa and because of it he promised to never get back to church, it happened until he died. My parents made me get baptized and then I did something else that is importan when I was 4th grade, they never made me go to mass, but I think it's my mom that don't like to go and doesn't want us to go. This year I have (but I won't) to do something that is like saying that I'll be a Catholic for my whole life and if I want to get married by the church I have to do it and I think it's traduced "Confirmation" or some shit like that. In my old school they are going to do it and in my new one its already done, but I haven't done it so my dad yesterday said that I was going to do it next year, but I opposed and we had a little argument, my mom was ok, but what annoyed me the most was my sister that asked me if I was going Muslim and if I was going to marry in a mesquite. I'm the first one in my whole family that has opposed to this. I shall wait for how things go.

So basically I live in a really Catholic country where their god rules everything, but things are getting better as new people come.

The son of some cousin is in my class at school and my parents never knew until last week and they told me today, but I hate that guy (my 2 gen. cousin) because his an homophobic asshole, because in some national exam they asked if homosexual students and teachers shouldn't be allowed to study in our school and he putted "very agree" (that question was to see how may homophobes are in 5th and 9th grade of every school in the country) and he says that gays aren't natural, and that they are freaks.

I already got the label in my head as gay in my class and everybody thinks that and today my best friend (a girl) told me that everybody thinks that and I asked her why, but she said "I don't know, they say that you don't know yet!" And I was trying not to laugh when I heard this. At the last minutes of class I was hugging a lot my best guy friend and my other best friend said that we looked like a couple and that we were a couple (my friend is straight) (I just love hugging him, I feel safe with him)

Last update: it's been a bad night, I got lonely and my mom said said something about that I won't have a good future, like if I was going to fail while I was with the worst humor and hearing this from her while she was talking to my sister in other side of the house made me feel worse so I tried not to cut, but this made me feel worse so I did it again.

Sorry for being a long post.
Night guys, it's late and I've got school tomorrow :S