Nov. 19, 2012

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People are really annoying, at least the people I happen to meet. Especially those that I thought would be a fine acquaintance or even better: a friend.

A peer of mine who I became quite talkative with (which is rare) really pissed me off. Surprisingly I didn't flip out. I had her proofread a hypothetical note I would give to a roomate. She says that I need to write more about myself I think in reference to who I am as a person since I only wrote what I like to do. I tell her that I can't because then I'd be a liar if I wasn't honest in what I wrote like if I said I'm great at baseball when in reality I have a .110 batting average or something around that. What if I'd wrote that I'm a very nice person and very normal when in reality I'm nowhere near those definitions.

See I'm beginning to tell the truth, mostly and I can't write lies and tell them as truths from my backwards, delusional reality. That'd make me a liar. And three of my other friends read it and thought it was hilarious how I wrote it. Except this fourth friend didn't catch the humor and thought it was awful. I'll admit it wasn't that great but she should've held off on the insults. When I explained to her everything like I just did in the previous sentences she says I'm being uptight about it and that it doesn't matter what others think. No it does especially if I'm being extremely biased on my opinion and that it takes away from the facts. I don't believe what Rene Descartes is quoted saying I think therefore I am for that's an opinion and they don't matter.

Yes she called me uptight, I couldn't believe. But one of my friends, who had read the note too, defended me saying that's who I am. As in what I wrote represents who I am. Then things got worse because I was asking her a question which I'd asked before but forgot and I started stuttering (it's a habit) and she started mocking me. And I didn't do anything. She also frustratingly said oh my god yes referring to the answer. I can't help it if I forget some things.

She is an annoying person: laughs too much about things that aren't really funny. I'm forced to fake a laugh. Oh crap, maybe I am a liar. Now she's just another, unimportant person from school.


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So... why not tell the truth...

about yourself (or at least the "truth" as you perceive it to be)... then you wouldn't become that liar?

I'm gathering that your "hypothetical" note to roommate was intended to be humorous. Right?

Why don't you put us to the test? I think you've provoked much curiosity!

I'm confident we'll be impressed: Publish!


And... wishing you and all Oasies™ a great Thanksgiving!

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there are plenty of annoying people in the world. Just don't let it bother you too much. It's usually not worth the stress it creates.
I assume you're worried about being completely honest about who you are with regard to your sexuality or bouts with depression? It's completely up to you if you want to share this info, not doing so does'nt make you a liar. I would think you would only share this with trusted friends, not aquaintances.
Descartes' "I think therefore I am" isn't just an opinion though. It's a simple sentence with much deeper meaning on an esoteric level.
He questioned his existence. Who formed the question? He did. In doing so, he affirmed the fact he must exist.