Nov 27

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Nothing interesting has been going on eksept soe laptop keyboard keys aren't working Only soe like the letter that begins the sounds a kow akes And the period doesn't work so bear with e Also the letter that begins the word ylophone and rap (poop)

(This ethod of typing is soewhat fun but a pain for those reading so if it hurts to read then it's ok if you stop I understand)

Today I was kiked off the news show klub by y peer the president I got angry for her justifikation: (I shall use the letter k instead of the letter that akes the sound see beause it doesn't work neither) y attitude wasn't akkeptable but I was erely stating y opinion that the ideo i was working on wasnt going to be shown to the skool anyway (due to tekhnikal errors and it kouldnt sae on y flashdrive although i had done it already) so it didn't atter if i finished it or not

She kept telling e to hange y attitude and i told her I don't tell you to hange your attitude so don't tell e neither I think y reasonable and rational thinking angers irrational and absurd people beause she was angry too but I don't kare I told her fine I don't want to be a part of your klub if it has e in it And I told her she should kik herself out of the klub too for I don't like her attitude neither

Also I'e started reading as i lay dying whih i enjoying alot so far


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A+ for perseverance!

So... I gather that two very strong-willed students met an impasse. Not quite sure what the issue may have been... but I hope that tempers have cooled, you're friends again, and the club goes on! :)

See this article on cleaning your keyboard:

Go to Google for other articles on this common problem. But I must say, "You've got it bad!" :(