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This journal entry is entirely irrelevant, since none of us live under a rock, but Obama has been re-elected and I am sooooo relieved. I kept up with the electoral religiously last night. Romney was ahead several times and I thought about all of the awful things that would happen if he would win. That man would've single-handedly destroyed this country. That's not hyperbole, either. BUT OBAMA WON and my friends and I are all celebrating.

I didn't get a chance to watch his victory speech, but I'm sure I can find it on YouTube today.

Not only that, but Maryland, Maine, and Washington have legalized same-sex marriage. AND Wisconsin has elected the first openly gay senator, Tammy Baldwin, in American history. AND our new congress is set to break the record for number of openly gay congressmen and women. AND Mark Ferrandino became Colorado's openly gay Speaker of the House.

In one night, the LGBT community has taken several giant leaps forward! So much progress, my mind can't process it!

Washington and Colorado have legalized marijuana for recreational use. My goodness, so much change. Unfortunately, the death penalty was not repealed in California. That would've been nice to see.

Welcome to a new, liberal, progressive America everyone!


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I was so pleasantly surprised...

when I awoke this morning: two very welcomed bits of news were awaiting me. Both elicited silent and quite emotional tears of joy!

Obama's re-election was my 2nd to learn of/digest... but equally as great as the first (private)!


Later... listening to the BBC's (a bit too "balanced"!) coverage this morning... I found that I was totally incapable of comprehending the mind-set of some of the American interviewees who expressed extreme distress by the news of his re-election!

They sounded so sincere... so sure it would be the end of all hope for America!

Does this even approach rational thinking?

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The Republicans cried so much that sea level raised by 20 feet.

I'm kind of disappointed that Obama won, too. It should have been Vermin Supreme.

I seriously don't get, though, how people can be this happy that Obama won the election. He isn't going to do anything, especially since it's his second term and he doesn't have to impress Americans anymore.

I'm happy that Romney lost (and the dictator wasn't appeased, as I put it), but Obama isn't much better. He's a useless president. He kept Guantanamo Bay open, extended the Patriot Act, and allowed the Republicans to take control of budget because he was too weak to say no (which is the absolute worst thing he could have done). And he says that the nation has recovered from the economic recession, when nothing has even happened.

The only things he's done that I approve of are Obamacare (but not as much as complete universal healthcare), killing Osama, and ending the war in Iraq.

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He wasn't too weak,

To say no to the republicans, He simply doesn't understand economics. Why do you think he surrounded himself with big bankers and economists? Did Obama even run a company or corporation? Don't get me wrong though, I could never have voted for Romney anyway. I'm an independant and frankly I think they are all full of Shit!

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No, it doesn't come near

No, it doesn't come near rational thinking. At school I had to hear everybody bitch about Obama's victory, but really those idiots were just mimicking their parents and grandparents.

At the very worst, Obama doesn't accomplish everything he sets out to accomplish. That doesn't mean the end of all hope for America. Silly Republicans.

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now even if I stay here I can get married when I grow up. & there will be less gang activity because of the marijuana thing. Overall, a pretty great election.

The ducks will get you!

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lol I don't really care.

I'm still not planning on ever getting married. All marriage is is just a tax deduction, anyway.

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This is so naïve it's funny, almost adorably so.

"Obama won; so much is going to change now! He's definitely going to do something!"

Democrats don't get things done. Socialists get things done, but we're still in the McCarthy era and think that socialism means worshiping Satan. (Libertarians get things done, too, but they actually do worship Satan.)

Oh, and cannabis isn't actually legal for recreational use in those states. It's still federally illegal, so those questions were more symbolic. It's probably getting decriminalized in those states, though, so people get fined instead of incarcerated.

Also, there still aren't any gay senators. Just a lesbian one.

And I think same-sex marriage already was going to be legal here in Maryland. That's what the news said months ago, anyway.

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Obama was cockblocked by a

Obama was cockblocked by a Republican-dominated Congress, thank you very much. Republicans bitched and threw a tantrum whenever he tried to do anything, so no compromises were reached.

Stricter regulations on big business, potential nationwide legalization of gay marriage, laws passed helping minorities and women achieve full equality, revival of our failing infrastructure and education, and a heavier emphasis on cleaner energy. He won't fully achieve all of these things, but those are his plans, and if he sticks with them, this country will be far better.

Decriminalization is better than nothing. It's a step in the right direction and it'll keep pot users out of jail to make room for people who, y'know, actually commit real crimes like rape and murder.


Hope that link works.

Don't be a buzzkill.

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Obama should have been more aggressive with Congress.

He should have said that if they kept arguing, he wouldn't allow the debt ceiling to be raised. The Republicans would have gone with the Reid plan. But nope! Obama was too much of a pussy! And that's how the next four years will be.

A libertarian would have done all those things you listed. But they aren't commercial enough to be elected. And they're economic plans are terrible.

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I think...

in the start of his presidential career, he was a bit too much of an idealist. He thought it would be possible for Democrats and Republicans to get along easily, but now it's all-out war between the two parties. I think his first term has allowed him to realize that it's time to be more aggressive. I think he's finding his political footing.

Honestly, I don't think we should even have political parties. It just separates everybody and prevents progress. Libertarians get zero mainstream media attention. I'm not even fully sure of their ideology. I always thought they were just hardcore Democrats.

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Libertarians are definitely not Demorcrats.

Socially, they are much, much more liberal than Democrats (pro-gay, supportive of the legalization of all currently illegal drugs, pro-2nd Ammendment, pro-prostitution). Economically, however, they are much, much more conservative than Republicans (money-printing should be privatized, no taxes for anyone, no corporate taxes, the government should be a big corporation). So, in other words, they are both indecisive and extremely crazy. Especially since Ron Paul, a libertarian, wants cannabis to be legal, but abortion to be illegal (and he's against separation of church and state).

Everybody in the country hates political parties, by the way. You're not the only one.

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Yeah, I'll agree with that.

I actually voted for Libertarian candidates in the last election and this past one. They simply don't have the same ability to raise enough money like the Democrats and Republicans. That's why you never see any ads on TV. It's all about the money. Look at what was spent by both parties in this election, it's disgusting.

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Oh yes. They blew the record

Oh yes. They blew the record for money spent on political campaigning out of the water. Imagine if we had taken those billions of dollars and put them towards the deficit...

I feel like voting for an independent party is just throwing your vote away, since there's a near zero chance of them ever winning.

Like I said, imagine if we didn't have political parties. There would just be ideas floating freely among people. It would be cool if our whole government could be completely restructured, but that will never happen since we've gotten too comfortable with the way things are.

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First of all...

You're being overly dramatic about Romney.
Sure, he's an abhorable douchefuck who will do or say anything to get votes, regardless of what, if anything, he actually believes or holds important. But he would certainly not have singlehandedly destroyed the country.
If he'd won, I would've been sad, but I feel like my day to day life really wouldn't change that much...

Next, to Socialist, the bills were not for decriminalization, they were for legalization. I think it's like 11 states now have legal medical marijuana, and the Obama Administration has said cracking down on those is not a priority.
Thus, it's sort of just left to the federal DA's whether or not to prosecute medical marijuana, which is what's been happening in several districts in California.
Currently, plans are, at least in Washington, to by Dec. 1 I think have less than one ounce of marijuana be legal for adults over 21.
No one's sure what the Justice Department will do yet. Frankly, I think they won't bother expending federal resources to arrest the hordes of pot smokers.
But if they do, I think very soon it will be brought to the Supreme Court, where I think the federal government will be muzzled on a Constitutional basis, because the Constitution really doesn't allow the federal government to police affairs that happen entirely within one state.
Either way, it'll be interesting.
But the bill in Washington explicitly legalizes marijuana, not decriminalizes.

Finally, Libertarians are what I think of as the true conservatives.
It's weird, because under the current definition of conservative, that means you're for small government.
"Conservatives" don't like regulation on business, and they don't like taxes.
Basically, they like small government, and getting government out of people's lives.

But for some reason, they also want to get the government into people's personal, if not financial, lives, as in making drugs, gays, abortions, etc. illegal.
Libertarians are the true small government conservatives in that they want government out of people's lives, period. And they're willing to accept that means sometimes people will do things they disapprove of, but everyone's entitled to freedoms that don't hurt anyone else directly.

Obviously, I like libertarians a lot more than "conservatives" because they're more true to their own philosophy, but I still don't like them because in the lack of controls, corruption proliferates, and wealth concentrates upwards.

So basically, they're "liberal" on social issues, but really, I think they're "conservative" on social issues, because conservatism is all about freedom and small government, only "conservatives" are just too giant of fucking bastards to realize they're betraying their own philosophy.


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He was the Governor,

Here in Mass. He's a complete phony. True, he's a successful businessman, I'll give him that. He's the reason why most government fees, license fees, etc. are so high. For a small state, in comparison, we are burdened with very high taxes.

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"Successful businessman"

More like a parasite who profits from other people's success.

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Those two things are exactly the same :P

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Uh... Persistence of memory... maybe?

Socialist has undergone a transmogrification; he's now become Anarchist!

However, it's quite easy to see why one may remain unconvinced. :)