Perfect timing

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So i was sitting in my home office when my mother and sisters walked in to get printing paper so i was thinking what better time to tell them than now so as they were walking out i stopped them and asked could i talked to them they were like sure so i said i have something to tell you guys and it happens i got all nervous started stuttering and sweating like a stuck pig so i waved of telling them AGAIN!!! when will i just say it but under the right circumstances.


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Like Jeff said before,

There never are any 'right circumstances'. No matter wherever or whenever you come out to them it will still be a very difficult moment. But that being said, don't let fear deter you from being who you truly are. Your sexuality is something that's a part of who you are, and neither you or anyone should have to hide it. It will be hard no doubt when you first come out, but with time and perseverance it will liberate you in such an amazing way. Stay strong kid, you'll be okay. Message me or anyone else if you need anything.