Primarily for parents... but the article could just as well be about you!

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"One night in early June 2009, Joseph Schwartz, 13, coyly revealed a secret to his father -- he was gay."


btw: I've just ordered the book version (no Kindle as yet). :)

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get a Fire

they're awesome

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Fires are good if you want to play games and other things, but the other Kindles are still way better as reading devices.

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I cannot imagine...

a more powerful story than the one told by Joe's father, John Schwartz, in Oddly Normal!

I received it Friday afternoon... and in just 3 or 4 sessions, I had devoured its 290 pages by Saturday evening. And with absolutely no shame, I'm obliged to admit that it was necessary to pause briefly from time to time to wipe away the silent leakage from my tear ducts. These were tears of joy... not sadness!

The final chapter, Leo, the Oddly Normal Boy, is a work of fiction contributed by Joe, himself (just last year - 2011 - at age 15; school exercise in Creative Writing).

I recommend that every effort be made to ensure that this book finds it way into the hands of all parents of adolescent LGBTs.

And for members of Oasis: You will find that every "coming-out story" is unique; this one especially so. Please find a copy to peruse... and recommend it to your local library.

Many reviews are just now appearing... but here is one from the New York Times. There may be some bias (dunno) as the author is a Times employee... but the high praise for this book is matched by all others I've seen to date:

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If you want to do book reviews for Oasis, you can save some money. I can get you stuff like this for free, and then you'd only need to write a few non-spoiler paragraphs and then the front page would cycle more often around here, too.

Why would you question a good review because it appears in the Times, if you already read it and agree that the book is deserving of praise, though?! ;-)

"I am living this life as lovingly as I can be as flawed as I am." - Brandon Lacy Campos

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Where did that thought come from?

No way was I questioning a review from the Times! I merely was volunteering the information that the author just happened to be a respected employee of the Times (which, for me, just adds to the credibility/value of the book)!

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You said...

The review might be biased, since it was published where the author of the book works.

"I am living this life as lovingly as I can be as flawed as I am." - Brandon Lacy Campos

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Quite correct!

And biased doesn't automatically mean negative. It goes both ways!

My thinking was diametrically opposed to your supposition!

Also... I didn't use the word "might"... it was "may"... and the nuanced difference is significant!

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My comment above...

was made to a different text!

I think we're now in agreement! :)

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Further update:

I've just come to learn that NPR has conducted an interview with both of Joe's parents.

It is available here: