Reconnecting With A Familar Stranger, Part One

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Mom got the keys to her new place on Monday morning, which was great timing because I was off school Monday and Tuesday because my school is a polling place for the election. It ended up being two really good days, and having President Obama re-elected made things even better. I just don't think Mitt Romney would have done anything positive for GLBT's.

We spent most of Monday with us just driving around the area in her rental car, with me as her personal GPS showing her my favorite places, where we get our groceries, the mall. Important stuff like that. At Target (one of my favorite places) she filled two carts with stuff she needed like sheets and towels and home stuff, things that would bore the shit out of me normally, but somehow doing this with her was exciting. I mean people go to Target everyday but being with her was a big deal to me, and then I realized that that was the first time we had ever gone shopping together. Before we got in the car she hugged me really hard and told me she loves me. She's been doing that a lot and I don't mind.

At her place we unloaded her haul and then she asked me where I wanted to go to lunch, and we went to the buffet that my Dads and I go to all the time. I don't think she was ready to see how much I can eat, and she told me that I really am a human garbage disposal...I just laughed and kept eating!

Back at her place she took off my shoes for me and had me stretch out with her on the air mattress she's sleeping on until her bed gets delivered. Mom massaged my legs for a long time, like she knew they we sore -I stopped wearing leg braces a few weeks ago and they get really sore and tired fast- and it just felt really good.

You look just like your Dad did when he was your age Sam.

Mom...what was Dad like back then, I asked.

Her face went from a smile to a frown, and tears started running down her cheeks. be continued