She's Back!

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Hey, y'all, I'm back from Canada. It was my (belated) birthday present from my mom, so we went shopping & stuff. I took my mom to the F21 Grande Opening in Vancouver where I got a cute mod dress in black & pink & a blue skirt. We also went to Zara, where I got a much-needed winter coat.
Now I'm watching this crazy documentary show about real-life cold cases and how they're solved. I could never investigate that stuff, but it's really interesting. I've always wanted to know why people would kill other people, how they could even do that--plan it out, take pleasure in it. Their evilness fascinates me, and I wish I could understand it. i wish I could help them be cured of it.
But the mystery I've decided to solve is what happened in the 400 years of Dorian rule in Greece. Right after the Trojan War, Mycenaean civilization collapsed. Concurrently, the Dorians (relatives of the bronze-age Greeks) attacked from the sea, conquering Greece. However, the Dorians had almost none of the advancements the Mycenaean civilization did. So for the next 400 years, no written record was created in Greece--no grocery lists, no history books, nothing. So what was life like? What went on during those centuries? And how did the Dorians manage to bring down such an advanced civilization? Answers to come in the next decade, as soon as I finish college...and highschool...:)


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And I thought a recent online poll about what is shaping up to be the best summer movie of 2015 was an early teaser...

Hey, Sexy Lady! Oppan Gangnam Style...