Slice of Pie

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Busy semester is busy. Aside from that I dropped a class, my sister moved out, got a few new threads and not much else. So here I skip to some discrepancies I've noticed. Although not about here or any place in particular but bullcrap is bullcrap and I have no idea why I always witness the oddest things.

So one of my aquintances and I are chatting about religion before class and such. Suddenly this other guy (who I don't know if he is a total douche or not) comes up and he's like "hey don't talk about that religion, no one wants to hear that..." yada yada. Then somehow seconds, yes seconds and I shit you not they start talking about pornography.

So I was like ok... straightman zone, walk away lol. pretty funny how things like that happen. Then again I should've expected such things in a class filled with nothing but men. Men, am I right? lol Either way it didn't piss me off or anything but I was thinking "so the alternative to a small conversation about religion was pornography?".

It was very confusing. But again about that guy who I don't know if he is a total douche or not. He's ok, but sometimes tries to act cool and as if he's always knows what he's doing. Also whenever we're going to take a quiz or a test he's all like "Man that's going to be a hard test right? I have no idea if I'm going to pass it".

I can tell he's trying to gauge my reaction and I just give a lax answer "Yeah I guess it will be hard". He tries too hard I suppose. I can't blame him though, perhaps that's just his way of doing things. Still, it wouldn't be a bad thing if he just toned down the know-it-all attitude when he clearly does not know it all.

Of course I don't know it all either, but please do not act as if you do know when you don't. Well that was that. Just a weird thing that happened. Just like the drive-by-shooting that happened a few nights ago. They always have to do that shit so close to my home. Fucking assholes waking me from my slumber.

They need to get jobs and grow the hell up, fucking losers.

I suppose this weeks high point was when I had a nice coffee with a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream and my favorite magazine (Maximum PC). This week's low point was some bullcrap. Seeing a father and his son just palling around. The kid's lucky he has a father at that age, he probably won't realize that for a while though but he will.

It made me feel like a bit sombre but I got over it.


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That guy in your class,

sounds like a douche that peaked in high school, and still think the world works the way high school did. I mean religion to porn? C'mon.