Sorry for the short journal.

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I just had a little internal laugh at how effeminate I was as a child. I've changed quite a lot. Now I'm just a brony geek, not at all masculine and not at all feminine.

I also got my report card. My GPA for the marking period is a solid 2.0. (Don't worry, cumulative is still a 3.)

In other news:


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On your report card. Actually, I think a lot of boys display effeminate characteristics before they hit puberty. Not all, of course, but many.
You know I've heard some of you guys talk about being a brony, but I have no clue what that means. I know it's got something to do with 'My little Pony', but that's all I know. I wasn't a fan of that cartoon.

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They remade My Little Pony and show it on the Hub now.

The new version just happens to actually be a very good show, let alone less sickening than the '80s version. (I think the old one is actually really cute, but not something I could stand watching too long.) And bronies are open-minded males, mostly ages 13-30, who recognize the new Friendship Is Magic as a good show and enjoy watching (and sometimes fapping to) it.

Most critics of bronies, or bronyphobes (many of whom claim all of them should be publicly executed, much like what some homophobes say) base their intolerance on the fallacious arguments of "you watch a kid's show" and "you masturbate to horses, and are therefore furries" (the latter of which misuses the term "furries", above many other fallacies). The former assumes that the show is designed for children, which it in fact is not, and that a "children's show" is defined by the target audience, not the actual one. The latter assumes that all bronies masturbate to porn (Rule 34) of the show, when only a minority of the fan base does (a minority termed "cloppers"). But this doesn't matter, anyway, because they're just butthurt that bronies own the Internet.

The female equivalent of a brony is called a pegasister. These are women from around the same age group.

Ironically, I have only heard of two children actually watching the show.

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After repeated attempts...

to disentangle the "formers" and the "latters"... I remain somewhat ignorant of the true details. :(

However, I do seem to have grokked the following: "Rule 34" is somehow central to a "true Brony's" philosophy.

Could you elucidate on this (and other subtle benefits of being a Brony/Furry)?

Also... Whence your knowledge for the prevalence of those taking full advantage of the ancillary benefits that accrue to Bronies? Ever as a group? And... those two children... already candidates for becoming addicts?

What's your record for compliance?

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I already said:

only a minority of bronies participate in Rule 34.

I could link to some r34 of the show just so you get an idea of how weird it is for the common pleb.

Not something I (or most people) have a fetish for.

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Why don't you do just that (i.e., link)? It seems the only way I'll learn what deep mysteries may lie secreted in Rule 34. I may even report back as to whether they're found to be truly efficacious. :)

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Here you go:
Gay pony tentacle rape porn. You asked for it.
(I felt very uncomfortable looking at r34, just for your information. I don't enjoy looking at sexualization of ponies, though I don't judge anyone who does.)

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A suitable reply would have been, "I ain't that kind of brony, dude. You're on your own learning more about that..." and then redefining what you personally appreciate about bronies.

Hey, Sexy Lady! Oppan Gangnam Style...

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But I didn't think of that.

And this was more informative.

What I personally appreciate about the bronies the most is the music. Brony music is very awesome.
And then there are the awesome brony comic things on DeviantArt. Like cupcakes. I love gore. Here's the series for anyone watching:
Rainbow Dash is best pony, but I just love gorey grimdark shit.

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OK... I guess I asked for it!

Most of the page was blocked to my "innocent" eyes. But that's OK!

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Totally pointless... huh?

I'm beyond comprehending how anyone could consider this as something that might stimulate a libidinal response! :(

Nor is it even art!

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I don't like it, either.
Some people do, though.

Also, you seem to have a very conservative definition of art. Just because you can't appreciate something doesn't mean it isn't art. I think anything is art, as long as it means something to someone. And I'm sure this does. Therefore, according to what I believe, it is art. Just not art I enjoy.

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It was hyperbole! :)

And quite an idiosyncratic response.

Interestingly... at this moment in the background I'm listening to an arts program from the BBC (The Strand Weekend). And someone has just been quoted as saying, "...and it isn't even art" (referring to items from the former GDR consigned to an arts museum).

Sometimes our expressions are taken much too literally... and I'm not immune!

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I'm not sure I understand the inspiration for jerking off to it, but then, I've never seen the show. But hey, I suppose it's all in good fun.