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Hey, everyone! I haven't been on here in like, 5ever. It's ridiculous, what with actually having RL Friends and then there's tumblr and WoW and League and school and asdfgjukiol.

There's a lot going on in my life, let me start from where I last left off.

1) Coming out? Done. Completely. Everyone knows and it's so much better, honestly.
2) That kid I talked about in my previous journal with the gay furry porn and such? I confronted him because he basically led me on all summer. I asked what his whole issue was, because he kinda "came out" to me, but not really? He confesses that he's only gay "on the internet".


If anyone can tell me what that honestly means, tell me. I'm lost.

3) School. MUCH BETTER THIS YEAR. No stressful chem to weigh me down. I got the teacher fired, along with her sexist boyfriend that also worked at my school. Woo. Fun shit, yo.
Okay, now for NEW stuff.

- This one kid, we'll call T, has been my friend since 8th grade year (I'm now a junior in High school.) We had this big falling out right before high school which involved self harm on both ends and *the beginning of my addiction* and we just basically didn't talk for 2 years. But this year we started talking again and it turns out he's bi and liked me since 8th grade, which I admit, the feelings *WERE* requited, until he went and got a girlfriend. I got kinda pissed, but what pissed me off even more was that he had a girlfriend...and was still trying to get in my pants. I think I'll message him later and tell him that I've moved on (because this happened like 3 weeks ago ?) and yeah.


- I forget how to imbed videos so here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bag1gUxuU0g&feature=related



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Congrats on coming out.

The easy reply to someone saying they are only gay on the Internet is to say, "Oh, because I wanted to blow you in real life..." or a toned down version. Gotta make IRL more appealing.

Well, I don't know why his having a girlfriend matters as far as you being interested in him if he didn't have a girlfriend. Fine if you don't want to mess with someone in a relationship, but I don't see how that impacts your feelings long term. You're either into him or not, he's either available or not, but whether he's available should affect whether you would be into him were he available?

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