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This is the first Thanksgiving I can remember that my family hasn't sent an "I'm thankful for...." around the table, putting pressure on each person in turn to give thanks. I used to be annoying about it and shout "FOOD!" or get all annoyed and mumble something. Later I said true but cliche things like "family" and "friends." Well, this is one of those true-but-cliche times. Major cliche alert.

'Cause I can't remember any previous Thanksgiving when I was more thankful, either. Family and friends, yes - I'm incredibly thankful to have the family I have (and it's an unusual family, too, 'cause my parents are divorced but they're still good friends and the four of us all do things as one family), and the friends I have (especially Miki, I just continue to be amazed at us and how much love we have and how well we fit together). And I'm also thankful to have been born into a middle-class American family at the end of the twentieth century - really just a fantastic time to be alive, good place, really sort of a charmed life, my life's been amazing. Good health, too, let's not forget good health, and good looks and a bright mind, I've got it all. Through nothing but fantastic luck, really. I've never seen anyone luckier than me, with a better life than mine. I don't know how I got such a good deal, but I'm thankful I did....

(Food too of course. Turkey and such. Always real turkey.)


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hear hear

(except on the Turkey bit). Glad you're having a good Thanksgiving!

The ducks will get you!