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Well I'm not feeling suicidal anymore, I guess that's an accomplishment I'm most proud of for this week and maybe this month too. I went to my after school sociology class in another high school in the city. We had a debate about questions relating to religion and we had to defend various stances on the issue. One thing unsurprising was that many were extremely illogical when they argued. It's really a shame.

A friend of mine and I were discussing that not everyone can be a writer. We decided to see who can write the best short story. I've finished mine but it's in need of serious revistions. And I am fearful of letting others read it because they might not understand what I'm trying to convey or agree with me. Then again it's not meant to be persuasive.


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Religious debate,

always ends up to be painfully illogical. But at least you discuss actual issues in your Sociology class, in mine we just write fucking essays all the time.

Also, its great that you were able to shake off those suicidal feelings, glad to see you're doing better. :)

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Speaking of essays I've only done one since I've started attending. Yeah thanks for that.

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The only way to improve as a writer is to write and read. And rewriting is the real writing. I don't know that art should ever be a competition. There can be people with an aptitude who are perfectionists with tons of unfinished works, and people who dash stuff off and put it out into the world. Neither is wrong, but both are artists. I mean, that 50 Shades of Grey author couldn't even be bothered to spell-check her book, but millions of people are connecting it and finding themselves, so is it bad art? If fiction is just the lie that uncovers the greater truth, it seems that anything that provokes a response is art. The best reason to write is either that you enjoy it or you don't have a choice.

Beyond that, why you feeling suicidal, babe?

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I do have a perfectionist type of personality when it comes to art so that's not a good sign. (Guess I'm a second, not-so famous Stanley Kubrick.)

I can't explain why because it comes and goes. I must find out sometime this week...

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Uh... You have a procedure...

for finding out? You are aware that yours is a quite common "ailment?" There are other similarly-afflicted Oasies™. You know who they are!

Whenever Kubrick is mentioned... my thoughts inevitably return to A Clockwork Orange! I've yet not been able to get beyond the first 20 minutes! :(