well, it's been one hell of a month.

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My dad died, I am no longer a second-class citizen in my home state, we re-nigged in 2012, as the bumper stickers so many I know advised not to do, I became a trust fund baby w.o wanting to, and suddenly I go from being disowned as far as we knew, to being worth about a half a mil. shit. I also broke my thumb and wrist on the mtn bike, so this may be hard to type, and tehre may be some spelling errors in here.

So last month, as you all know, my dad passed away. it was a long time coming, and my sister and I, as his guardians had a tough call to make, a position I honestly hope NONE of you ever have to find yourselves in.

I got a call while at work, my dad had been admitted to the ER. My sister told me I had a decision to make...it was made ina few seconds. there are only so many times you can stand by someone's side @ Death's doorstep, give them drugs and comfort measures and put ioff the inevitbale.

we decided to put him into hospice care on a tuesdaym abd he died on saturday-they hadn't even finished admitting him yet. I got the call on my way into work.

the next week was filled with funeral homes, the VA guys presenting us with his flag, and me taking my father's ashes home in an urn w/ a broken hand.

My father and I always hada rocky relationship, not a doubt about it. between beatings, verbal abuse, and homophobic remarks he had no idea what effect they had on me, we were always in a state of contention, right vs. wrong, how to be a man, how not to be a man, etc.

it got to the point where we couldn't even be around each other. Just like he and his family drove each other away over money, I drove myself away from him.

Let's backtrack a bit...my grandfather's estate and my great grandmother's estate were worth millions. I KNOW the claims of my grandfather of millions of dollars in cash in his hosue were true, I SAW them in his huge walk in safe in the basement. Stacks of hundreds three feet high-so no doubt someone stole all that cash, the spark that re-ignited their war. Idk, idon't honestly care. As much as my dad claimed his sister had stoekn it all, it looks more and more like he lied and he took it all for himself. idk.

he had the norman rockwells that were sippoised to be left to my aunt, he had patton's colt, he had all of the things that were supposed to go to othger family members, but then again, if someone else had stolen all that cash, maybe he kept the rest bvecause he was angrym felt cheated, idk...

anyway, we wentback to montana and spread his ashes illegally on the shore of lake mcdonald in GNP. it was beautiful, 8" of snow in the groundk, and we walked onto the shores of the water, where he had at last foudn some measure of peace.

the next day, we read his will-and were astonished to learn he had left me the harley-davidson bikes that no longer existed, half of the house, and the stocks I had no idea he had, as well as his shares in my great grandma's trust....

all of a sudden i have gone from being a broke ass kid to being worth half a million. wow. total shocker.

I honestly still can't believe what was read out to me.

I do plan on doing some travelling I can't have afforded otherwise, and maybe riding my bike around the world. it's looking like I may have cancer, so I need to make a few doctors' appts, to find out for sure, but only time will tell.

we also found a ton of my baby pics, and pics nobody had ever seen fro the first few weeks I was alive, including the hospital...in a remington ammo box of all things, in the garage. All I can say is, I head never aseen my baby pics, and neither had my mom-I was well endowed from the start. haha. balls deep. no joke.

anyway, therewas a lot more I was going to write, but I can't remmeber, I am a bit drunk, and typing lefty is hard, so hope all is well w/ you guys, yay for r-74 passing and gay marriage being legalized in 3 states, and Oh, if you partake, congrats on freedom to be a stoner, if you are 21. personally, I think pot is dumb, but w.e.



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Err, kind of tossed in that you might have cancer randomly. What's up with that?!

Also, let's keep the racist comments off the site. ;-)

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that was a joke, not a *really*

racisst comment, jeff...and I may have testicular cancer, based on the symptoms, that's what my doc thinks it might be, but more testing is needed. awesome, eh?

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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On a Romney/right wing website, that might be considered a joke. Everywhere else, it's just racist. Since it's not funny.

Oh no, I never even saw your balls yet... I hope they pull through.

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A possible explanation...

but not an excuse: he did suggest being a bit inebriated.

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no, it wasn't because I was drunk...

I am just a racist. sorry elph, it happens sometimes. I was making a comment on that bumper sticker from earlier in the year. As far as the assets, I knwo it's not much, and don't worry, I won't squander them all away. I will however, sell the car he left me and get a new truck, and travel the world while I still can. I am worried about my health, kinda like him. 18 years of neglecting my blood sugars and my body have left me in rough shape.

I will invest it smartly, and put some aside in my mutual fund as well. we will see how things turn out.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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My condolences...

But... my suggestion would be to leave your inheritance in its present forms... and then search for, and avail yourself of a long-standing and highly respected advisor for investment advice.

A half million is no longer a huge sum. If it's handled unwisely, it could go up in smoke in an extremely short time!

Give this very serious thought... please!

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Be careful with your assets man, make them work for you. Wow! What happened with the Harley's? Is GNP(Gallitan national park)? I've always wanted to go there. Testicular cancer? Fuck! You just can't seem to catch a break my friend. I hope that winds up being something less serious.

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the harleys are long gone...

My dad sold two of them in his final years of being somewhat mentally sound, and then we sold the remaining two to help pay his 4k a month medical and nursing costs. we didn't have to sell them but at that point, my mom and my sister were his gaurdians, and as far as I knew, I had been disowned, not left four harleys and a car, as well as stocks.

No, this is Glacier Nat'l Park in Montana, although I highly recommend you go there as well, before it is gone. with global warming, the glaciers are melting away faster and faster every year. It makes whitewater rafting and kayaking in the park on the river more fun, but it is also sad to see.

I never catch a break, I feel like some of my issues are definitely self-induced, but it seems like medically this year I am getting my ass handed to me.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Half a million sounds like a lot, but you can blow through it so fast it'll make your head spin. Best to figure out some sort of investment plan that makes it last longer.

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I'm glad you're back here,

I'm glad you're back here, I've missed you!

I can't say I know what you're going through with your Dad but I'm seeing the same stuff with my Grandpa, it's just a matter of time now before he's gone :( He rewrote his will to include me, but that's not something I'm really worried about now.

I hope all goes well for you, and that the pain in your boys is just too much bike riding!