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We play our games
You tell your puns and
Tell me I'm weird
But in a cute way
When I catch you watching me writing the minutes till the end of class
And then I keep going to keep you watching
And you insist on banter
But you don't know what you're getting into, honey
Because this is a girl who goes home to the mirror to see what she looked like when she smiled at you
But I want to know what boy you are
With your frisbee club
And the way you agreed to my dancing offer
I want to know what kind of boy
Wants to know what kind of girl I am


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Very good maddie,

Sounds like the subject of this may be enamored with you. Very sweet and innocent.

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I agree, this is very sweet

I agree, this is very sweet and youthful-sounding. The part about looking in the mirror to see the smile is freaking adorable :D

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Really great,

I love the sense of curiosity you used. It's cute and very contemporary.